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October 4, 2007

Loren Roberts


DAVE SENKO: Loren, thanks for joining us. 67, 3 under today. Get us started. Talk about your round and then we will get some questions.
LOREN ROBERTS: I started out birdying the first two holes right out of gate, off to a good start. Really played pretty good all day. I rolled the putter good today. That was probably the key, made a good couple saving par putts five or six feet coming from the house and preserved a pretty good round.
You want me to go over the holes? 7 iron first hole. Probably eight feet under the role to the right there and knocked that in.
Hit an eight iron on the second hole, probably about 10 feet behind the hole and made that.
Then I had to hit a 4 iron for my third shot on the par 5 fourth hole and I think it was -- I had 202 to the hole and hit it in there about six feet and made that for birdie. Made a bogey the next hole. Made a good up and down for a bogey out of the front left bunker on number 5 after hitting it in the trees a little bit off the tee there.
And then made a good birdie putt for about ten feet on the next hole. I was 300 through the first six with a bogey and played good.
I did birdie 10. Hit another 8 iron there, about two feet and made birdie and then bogeyed the next hole, 11th hole. Hit it in the right bunker. Hit a poor bunker shot out and missed the putt there so made bogey there. Then just parred to the house.
All in all, a pretty good start for me.

Q. First 11 holes you had a lot of birdies and bogeys and then you bring it home with all pars. Which part did you enjoy more, the ups and downs or the steady flow through the stretch?
LOREN ROBERTS: Obviously the start. This year I have had trouble getting out of the gate in the first day in a few of these tournaments. So I was happy to get off to a really good start. This golf course, you know, you can make some birdies early. There are some very birdiable holes early.
You have to get your round going then because starting with probably number 8, there really isn't an easy hole on the golf course coming in. Par 5, 12th hole is definitely not reachable. 17 and 18 are really tough finishing hole par 4s. I think outside of -- the 16th hole, it is a pretty good birdie hole there.
But probably from number 8 on, birdies are a little tougher to come by. So if you look at the board today, most of the guys that are under par get under par early and then try to hold it there.

Q. You did get off to a good start but it was a late start. Were you a little apprehensive about how that might affect you and then delighted obviously that it didn't?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, no. I was thinking about that. The older you get, the more you have to stand around, a little tougher it is to keep your back going.
But we have good warm weather, and it wasn't too bad. This is not exactly a bad place to have to hang around for a while (laughter). Locker room is pretty nice here.

Q. You talked about getting off to a good start and the importance of that, especially in a four-day Major like this. How important is it to have a strong opening round, especially learning the course and understanding how to play it, too?
LOREN ROBERTS: Obviously, it is important. You can -- obviously, you can't win it on the first day but you can really put yourself behind eight ball, too. It is very important to get out with a good round. You just -- you don't necessarily have to be leading the golf tournament but you just want to get off, get something under par. 2, 3 under par is always a good start the first day.
For me, you know, I had one bogey all day so, you know -- actually I had two bogeys today. That's not that bad, so -- especially in a major championship.
This golf course really lends a major feel to this tournament because it is such a great little golf course. I think you got some good rough. You got tough greens. I think that's what the majors are about.

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