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October 4, 2007

John Daly


Q. John, a nice par save on the 18th hole. You rolled in a about a 15-footer, shot 2-over.
JOHN DALY: Yeah. Got off to a rough start. I've just been chipping and putting so bad this year. Hasn't gotten better. I shot 2-under on the back-9. Hopefully it will carry over and get something going.

Q. How is your health? You've had so many health concerns this year. Are you healthy and a hundred percent?
JOHN DALY: No. I had strep throat and vial flu that -- I'm about 80 to 85 percent. I'm still hitting the ball better than I'm scoring. This is frustrating.

Q. It's been such a frustrating year. Go all the way back to the Honda where you had the rib cage injury. Doesn't seem like you're firing on all cylinders.
JOHN DALY: It still bugs me a little bit. Actually the rib has been fine it's just the shoulder. I've had to have it popped back in about 12 times.
Last couple weeks it's been okay but it's really -- I'm having to play a lot more than what I'm used to and I got to get my sponsor's -- I've got to play a certain amount of tournaments. It's been tough. Nothing has gone right.

Q. John, as a multiple Majors winner and you're so popular here on Tour, everybody wants you in their tournament.
Do you even concern yourself with the money list?
JOHN DALY: I do. A lot of bonuses in contracts I have. There's a lot of incentives. I want to be in the World Golf Championships and playing all the Majors is the most important thing. You got to be in the Top 50 in the world.
I'm so far from that right now. I just hopefully I got couple more, hopefully Disney give me exemptions. You never know, four good days, you could make a bad year a good year.

Q. Have a good weekend in San Antonio.
JOHN DALY: Thanks. Appreciate it.

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