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October 3, 2007

Mark Reynolds

Brandon Webb


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Brandon and Mark.

Q. Brandon, could you talk about I think it was the third inning Zambrano led off with a double and you struck out two. What were you thinking he led off with a double, the trouble you had goat at the present yourself in?
BRANDON WEBB: Zambrano is a great hitter. I wanted to get out ahead, and he ended up getting a good piece and getting a double. I knew it was going to be a low scoring game, so I had to bear down and made some good pitches and got some good strikeouts.

Q. Brandon, Bob Melvin just said right now that he felt there was more pressure on you guys to win this first game because you're on the mound and you're at home. Did you feel this sort of was a must-win game because you were pitching?
BRANDON WEBB: I didn't feel it was a must-win game win. Obviously we want to go out there and win every ballgame. It was a huge win for us, but I don't think it's a must when we've still got a bunch of games left.
We've got total confidence in the guys going out on the mound after me. I'm just going out there trying to do my job, and the guys will do the same the next few days.

Q. Brandon, the pitching with the scoreless inning streak and then pitching in Colorado in an important game help you settle the nerves tonight?
BRANDON WEBB: I think so. I basically just took it as a regular game preparation-wise. Other than that, it was basically just a big crowd, loud, and went out there and just tried to do my job and execute pitches.

Q. You got homeruns from Drew and this guy. What do these young guys, what do you think of their performance in a game that --
BRANDON WEBB: Obviously huge. They're part of our whole team. They've been doing it all year and doing a great job at it, defensively, offensively and everything. Even though they're young and rookies, a lot of them, they don't play like rookies, so we've got total confidence in them, throwing them out there every day.

Q. Mark, I know Marmol is tough, but was there a feeling of relieve in the dugout when Zambrano came out?
BOB MELVIN: Yeah, Zambrano is a top of the line pitcher. Any time he comes out of the game it's kind of a sigh of relief. Marmol, he's got a nasty slider and I was able to lie off two of them and get a fastball to hit, and he was lucky enough to get a hit and put a good swing on them.

Q. They were able to get on base quite a bit and you escaped quite a bit. Talk about how you were able to get out?
BRANDON WEBB: Basically my off speed pitches were as good as I've had them probably this year. A lot of good change ups and curve balls, some of the big hitters just trying to execute pitches and get ahead of them and I was able to do that. That's where the big outs came from, especially the lead off double from Zambrano, struck out the side and used a lot of off-speed pitches to pitches to get the strikeouts.

Q. Was there a time when you would have gone after those sliders earlier in the year, and if there was an adjustment period for you when you made it work?
MARK REYNOLDS: Definitely started out hot and then the book was kind of out on me after that, and definitely I went on a little roller coaster ride there for a while.
In August and September I was able to make some adjustments and turn it around a little bit, and I'm just glad I made it at the right time going into the postseason.

Q. Back when you were in Mobile could you have imagined this would happen tonight, a homer in the playoffs?
MARK REYNOLDS: No, I'm usually at home watching this on TV. It's an unbelievable feeling being here and being a part of this, and I hope to keep the magic ride going.

Q. Brandon, do you ever see any frustration in hitters and you feed off that at all?
BRANDON WEBB: I do, I do. I think a lot of pitchers do the same. If you hear a batter struggling or they throw a bat, I think it does pick you up out there and give you a little more excitement and things like that.
I saw it a couple times tonight with a few of their hitters, and it really just drives the pitcher that much more.

Q. Derrek Lee looked pretty frustrated. What did you throw him?
BRANDON WEBB: I got him on a change up and a fastball the bat before that, so we were really just mixing it in and keeping him off balance and guessing.

Q. Mark, you had said to me at one point maybe the young guys didn't know enough to be afraid. What were the nerves like out there for you tonight?
MARK REYNOLDS: I've said all year that all of us young guys were kind of thrown in the middle of this and we kind of don't know what's going on. We go out there and play and do what we know how to do, and that's play ball.
Personally I don't realize the magnitude of the situation that we're in, but just go out there and having fun and playing ball, and that's what we know how to do, and we've been doing it all year, and just keep it going.

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