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October 3, 2007

Lou Piniella



Q. Can you talk about the decision to remove Zambrano. Was he cramping up at all?
LOU PINIELLA: No, he wasn't cramping. In fact, he probably could have gone another inning. We're thinking of putting him back in on Sunday on three days' rest. 85 pitches, our bullpen has done a good job all year. We turned it over to them.
Today Marmol couldn't get his breaking ball over. But the reason we didn't win this game was we scored one run on four hits. You're not going to win on the road, or you're not going to win anywhere scoring four hits on one run. I give their pitching credit, but that's probably the story of the ballgame.

Q. Do you think you could be accused of looking ahead to Game 5 or Game 4 --
LOU PINIELLA: I'm not accused of anything, sir. I've got a good bullpen here, okay, and I trust my bullpen. I'm bringing back a pitcher on three days' rest on Sunday, and I took a shot with my bullpen. It didn't work today. They've done it all year. I've got confidence in them, period, end of the story.

Q. In the fifth there when you guys get Theriot on, is there any serious thought given to bunting him over, or is that kind of an automatic to let Carlos swing?
LOU PINIELLA: No, we've bunted before. Zambrano hit a nice line shot. What are you going to do? We hit some balls hard and they caught them.

Q. Considering you took out Zambrano one inning later, did you think of maybe pinch-hitting with him when you had Webb on the ropes?
LOU PINIELLA: He had a double to left center field. He lined out to short. Listen, you guys, this is only the first game. There's a lot of baseball to be played in this series, okay? It's not gloom and doom, this thing.
Let's just keep positive, keep playing and go out and win a ballgame tomorrow.

Q. Did this kind of go to hell, this contest, with two outstanding pitchers pitching up to their capabilities?
LOU PINIELLA: They both pitched well. Webb pitched seven innings. We had some chances at him. We just didn't take advantage of them. I don't know how many people we left in scoring position, but it had to be a few. We didn't get the big hit.
We talked about coming into this series that the important thing for us was to hit their pitching. That was the important thing. That's what we talked about, and we didn't tonight. Hopefully we will tomorrow.

Q. Apparently it was nine left on base. Do you think that with the two that Aramis (Ramirez) hit deep and the couple other that you were a little snake bitten tonight?
LOU PINIELLA: We hit others hard. Zambrano lined out to center; Soriano lined out to short; Jones, their first baseman made a nice play on the ball he hit in the hole. What are you going to do?
This is only the first game of this series, you know? Let's just see how this thing turns out. Let's not get down. Let's give them credit for playing a good ballgame. We'll come out and compete again tomorrow.

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