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September 30, 2007

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The putts on the 14th and 16th were rather crucial but Robert had holed a few on us during the week. We had a couple of guests on Golf Night who said we would lose the first three games. You forget that Paul's the reigning World Match Play champion and my record in match play is not all bad and I'm glad Marc Warren is doing well. He's injured and he was uptight on the range this morning and it's nice to see him up and only one blue figure on the board. We've had a great day so far and hopefully it will continue.
I don't like to lose. It's become important for me not to lose singles matches, especially against a very difficult opponent who is ranked ahead of my on the World Ranking now and had been playing well and played quite well against me. I managed to hang on and hole putts that I had to hole and I have a record that I am very proud of and would love to continue come September next year.
The putts will help. If I had lost today and got nothing out of four would not have been good going into the Dunhill Links and the Match Play and also to finish the year. The two putts at 14 and 16 were crucial and that won me the game. I don't do much. I think about it! When you don't see it going in it's quite difficult. You have to at least will it in.
I didn't see Golf Night itself but I heard on the range that we had no chance in the first three games. That geared us up a bit. It was Paul who told me. There was no reference to it in the team meeting. They holed a number of putts for three days and to his credit Robert Karlsson was one of them, but I think we are beginning to hole them when it matters today. It see only one blue on the board is amazing from ten matches.

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