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September 29, 2007

Tiger Woods


Q. Good playing.
TIGER WOODS: This afternoon, we ham-and-egged it pretty good. It seemed like one of us was in the hole making birdie, and we basically needed to. Geoff and Nick were making birdies, as well so, it was nice to get off to a quick start but also we had to sustain it.
The back nine, could have gone either way. 13 was a big hole for us, and Nick almost holed it there on 12, and it looked like we were going to win the hole with possible birdie and next thing you know, we almost lost the hole.
On 13, DT just made a big bomb there which was big to keep momentum on our side, which was big.

Q. How amazing was it that you guys were up all day?
TIGER WOODS: It's just like anything, in these formats, Presidents Cup or Ryder Cup, you get in these big, huge momentum swings. We were up in all of the matches and you feed off one another and you look on the board, it gives you energy, every time you see red, for us up on the board.

Q. Any rhyme or reason why typically in the Ryder Cup it turns out just the opposite?
TIGER WOODS: It's generally you have to get off to quick starts in these matches. There's only 18 holes, so if you're down early, it's really hard to come back. Very rarely do you see a guy who on our team who is 2- or 3-down come back and win that match. Generally you lose those matches.
So it's important to get off to quick starts, and so far we've done that. We didn't do that yesterday, and hence, they beat us pretty good.

Q. Tomorrow you have the singles, obviously a lot of talk about you and Weir, thoughts on that?
TIGER WOODS: Whatever happens, happens. Our captain is going to put me into a spot where he thinks I can get a point and it's my responsibility to go out there and get a point. It doesn't matter who is it is, I've got to get a point.

Q. Feeling good going into tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Feeling great.

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