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September 28, 2007

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN: I am all right now. Got butterfly stitches in my stomach and it's just the healing process now. There's no pain. It was a bit of a shock to see my stomach covered in blood. I had to sit down and calm myself down and I got good medical attention. I've taken a bit of stick but that's only to be expected when you do something as stupid as that. I phoned Bradley Dredge and told him I wouldn't make dinner. I said I had a bit of a nightmare, I'd smashed the shade and cut myself open. I was a bit worried last night. I'd never done it before - just hit the ceiling before but I had never smashed a light shade of anything similar before.
Tim Barter on Sky asked if I could 'enlighten' them on what happened. I said to the hotel to put the charge on my room bill but they told me not to worry. Maybe Seve's getting the bill! I was expecting to get some stick and somebody said I was a 'shady' character!
Today they were 10 under against us. That's two days in row we've come up against a team holing putts from everywhere. It's tough to play against that kind of golf. You expect that against top quality players. We were nine under yesterday and five or six under today but that's the way it goes.
I would love to be involved with the Ryder Cup next year but that's a long way away. We have this week to take care of first.
I was only wearing a towel when it happened. I phoned reception and asked for a doctor because I was covered in blood. I just wanted somebody to hurry up and get me stitched up. I was swinging in front of a mirror admiring my physique!

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