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September 27, 2007

Angel Cabrera

Adam Scott


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Adam Scott, Angel Cabrera thanks for joining us. The International Team had a tough day today but a lot of golf to be played, maybe talk about the day, Adam, we'll start with you.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, our team is a bit frustrated with the way we started, but for us to take a positive, it's the first day and there are still a lot of points to be collected and we can certainly make up that over the next couple of days.
ANGEL CABRERA: Yes, there is a lot of golf left, I think the same as Adam and we have to keep on being positive and keep on playing well.

Q. Is there any way in which you guys could have possibly thought that it would have gone so belly-up so quickly on the first day? Looking at some of those match-ups, you have to think that you have a bit of advantage in some of them, and, you know, what was it that you went wrong, did you not hit the right shots or make the putts or what?
ADAM SCOTT: It's hard for me to comment on everyone's match. Obviously I didn't see exactly what was going on.
But for Geoff and myself, we didn't put enough pressure on those guys when we had the opportunity. You know, they played pretty solid all day, so more pressure on us. And as I watched matches come up 18, I think we lost the 18th hole each time, and that hurts.
You know, if we got two out of those three on 18, it would have been a bit closer, but obviously the 18th hole means a lot when matches come to it.

Q. Angel, is it even more frustrating when you guys made such a strong comeback to lose it on the 18th hole like that, and were you surprised to see Ernie miss the putt?
ANGEL CABRERA: Definitely it was a very good comeback. We were 3-down and we were actually playing quite well. It was a good comeback and missing the last putt and being without a point keeps me, you know, a little bit frustrated.
But it's over now, so that's it.

Q. Can you talk about the foursomes format and how challenging it can be compared to playing your own ball?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, foursomes is tough. It's important to get off to a rhythm early. Obviously establishing a rhythm is the hardest thing when you hit alternate-shot. But you know, that thing you have to keep in mind is that you are just hitting a shot like any other shot and you're not worried about trying to hit your partner in the right spot. I just try and play as if it were my ball and this is where I ended up.
It is challenging. You know, the rhythm is the hardest thing, and if you can find it, you can really get us some momentum and go deep. I'm sure there's some good matches out there today, but the hardest thing is finding a rhythm.

Q. Was there any particular message given to your team after the matches concluded today, and imagine you were all together?
ADAM SCOTT: A message?

Q. Yeah, "Put today behind us" or was there anything -- I'm sure everyone was down.
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think it was so much down. It was pissed off is more the word. (Laughter) if anything, it's got people pretty fired up for tomorrow. We were all just speaking about pairings for tomorrow. You know, there's stuff to sort out and a job to be done.
If anyone was dragging their chin on the ground in there, was told to pick it up quick and look forward to tomorrow.

Q. They sent you out first for a reason with Geoff, obviously to get off to a good start. The shot Stricker hit in the water, making double-bogey to lose, was that the turning point?
ADAM SCOTT: Even though we were in great shape, they were in the hazard and we had a chance to up-and-down and put the pressure on them obviously to halve the hole, they would have to hole their shot and we made a meal of it and they were solid and you know, that was a turning point because momentum was kind of on our side. We were calling the shots at that point in the match. We had the honor and we had the chance put a little pressure on them. We just didn't do it.

Q. Tiger was in here a little while ago and he just said, you know, about before he even teed off, he's red up there in three of the matches; is that something you're consciously doing out there, are you looking at the scoreboard to see how things are going, and if you're down, do you get that sense of being down as well?
ADAM SCOTT: No, you really need to be a little stronger than that. If you're struggling out there and you see your teammates down, you don't throw in the towel. You've got to grit your teeth and get on with it. I think all our matches got off to a pretty ordinary start and we all fought back hard. You know, when it came down to the end we didn't come up with the big shots like the U.S. Team seemed to or the big putts.
Coming down the stretch -- oh, there it is, now it works. Coming down the stretch, it is important to make the putts.

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