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September 22, 2007

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER: One bad golf shot. That sixth doesn't fit my eye. Tricky tee shot. I pushed it 15 yards right and mad double.
Eighth I went in the bunker, hit it a tiny bit heavy and made double.
From there, I played flawless golf. Hit the green on the tenth and lipped out from 15 feet for eagle. I knew how to hang in there and keep hitting decent shots. It is frustrating as I am hitting so many good golf shots and missing a few putts. But if I keep doing what I am doing a few will go in and there is a chance for me tomorrow.

Q. How do you control the fuse burning in your head as you go to the tenth tee?
IAN POULTER: There is no dampening at all. I am fuming inside. There was nothing in my mind but have a go at that green. I will never give up and I am passionate about how I play golf. I don't want anyone to try and stop me being like that as I enjoy playing golf that way.

Q. Four back at the moment?
IAN POULTER: Keep doing what I am doing and I will have 15 birdie putts tomorrow. Take away a few of them, and who knows.
I drove the ball very well and had a lot of birdie putts. Seven birdie putts within 12 feet on the back nine. There is 18 holes to go tomorrow.

Q. You know how to win?
IAN POULTER: There are other winners out there but how I felt today was as nice and burning inside as I have felt for a long time. It felt good and I was happy to play golf. When you you keep hitting to 12 feet you want to keep playing. I am aggressive and looked at every pin today. I am good enough to play at every pin.

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