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September 20, 2007

Chad Campbell


STEWART MOORE: We'd like to welcome Chad Campbell to the interview room here at the Turning Stone Resort Championship.
Chad, great round out there today. 65, talk to us about it. Great birdie on 18, obviously, good taste in your mouth as you head into tomorrow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. Felt like I played solid today. Drove the ball pretty well. Hit the majority of the fairways. And, you know, I was able to hit it close on the front nine and make a few putts on the back nine.
Made a good par save at 9. And a good par putt on 11 both 8 to 10 feet. That kind of held the round together. And, you know, like you said, definitely happy with the birdie on 18. Good way to end the day.
STEWART MOORE: Statistically you struggled a little bit with your putting this year.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Among other things (laughing).
STEWART MOORE: But 25 putts, you've always been known as one of the best ball strikers out here. Once that putting comes around, you're going to be pretty tough to beat this week. Are you kind of excited about that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. I rolled the ball really well today. You know, I've been working hard. And this year really, I haven't felt like I've hit the ball very well. Driven the ball very well. I hadn't done anything very well. So it's nice to get a nice round under my belt, and see some of the hard work paying off that I haven't over the last month. Felt like I've been playing well but my scores haven't been showing it over the last month.
STEWART MOORE: One last thing - this is your first time playing this event or what was the B.C. Open, but you did finish runner-up in the 2003 PGA up the road in Rochester. Do you like playing these bentgrass venues up in these neck of the woods?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, absolutely. The golf course out here is just immaculate. In great condition. The greens are some of the best we've putt on all year. The whole resort is amazing. I know everybody's excited to be here.
One of the reasons I came here, I was asking some of the guys that played last year and they only had good things to say about the course and the whole resort. So they were definitely right.

Q. Everybody's talking about how sticky the fairways were earlier in the week. Have those gotten a little more roll to them? And has it played a little bit easier than people were expecting it to early in the week?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, the fairways are definitely rolling out a little bit more today. Seemed like they were keeping a lot of water on them during the first part of the week. But definitely firmed up this afternoon.
As far as easy, you know, it's wide, little bit wide driving area so you can get the ball in play, but you still got to hit a lot of good iron shots. Greens are getting a little firm and got a lot of speed to them, so I would never say it's easy out there.

Q. Since the PGA Championship, your career's kind of gone up-and-down and all around, I guess?

Q. Is that the fine line in golf? Just talk about that.
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, it is. It's a tough game. You never can get it figured out. Or most of us can't. I think one person, one person's got it figured out (smiling). Once you think you got it, you know, it goes away from you.
So you've just got to keep working hard. You know, it's not like I stopped working hard, it's just I don't know what has happened. You know, this year has just kind of been a little bit of an off year. And I've been working probably extra hard this year.
You know, it's tough when you're not playing up to your expectations, you know. It's been a long year for me, and today's round was good to see. I need one of these rounds to kind of show myself that the hard work's paying off.

Q. Is this your best round of the year?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I don't know. I would -- it's probably close. I'm not sure.
STEWART MOORE: Best opening round, I think.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Best opening round? Yeah.

Q. A lot of low scores today, yourself included. A lot was made about additions to this course maybe as far as length goes. What did you think of the course overall? And do you think, you know, just adding length to a course adds to its difficulty?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I think the golf course is great. It's right in front of you, there's no tricks. You know, to me, that makes a good golf course.
As far as adding the length, you know, I didn't know it the other way, but I heard that they have added some length. You know, it can make it a little more difficult just because you're hitting longer clubs into it.
I don't think -- I know they added rough this year from last year. I know the rough last year wasn't very high because they didn't have much time to prepare for the tournament.
So I got a couple bad lies in the rough, you know, I couldn't get it to the green. So if you're driving it straight, any golf course you're going to have a lot of opportunities. You're not driving it straight, any golf course is going to play tough. You know, I just think it's a great golf course. Really fair and enjoyable to play.
STEWART MOORE: Do you mind quickly taking us through your birdies today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Sure. Birdie on 4, let's see. Take me a second. Sorry I'm so slow, guys. I haven't played here too many times so.
STEWART MOORE: Start at 1.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I've got to start at 1 and go through the whole thing. And I still can't come up with it. I know I hit it in there like 3 feet, and I did. I can't believe I can't come up with this hole. Hold on, give me one second.
Okay, I got you. I hit driver a little bit over the left bunker down there and had 100 yards in. Hit it to two feet.

Q. What club?
CHAD CAMPBELL: 56 degree sand wedge. And 5, hit driver. Driver, 3-wood, you know, just right of the bunker, really wasn't a very good spot to be in. Chipped it up there to about eight feet, made that for birdie.
Let's see, number 7, hit 3-wood. 3-wood, 7-iron to about to three feet, made that.
And 8, hit driver, 3-wood. Just over the back edge, probably 30 feet from the hole, putted it down and tapped it in.
And number 10 drove it in the left rough. Had a pitching wedge hit it to probably 25-30 feet, and made that for birdie.
12 was driver, hit driver, 2-iron, and then had like 50 yards and chipped a 56-degree wedge in there about probably 10-12 feet and made that.
Bogey on 13, I drove it left and got a really bad lie in the rough, couldn't get it to the green and missed about a 10-footer for par.
16, hit 8-iron to about four feet. 18, hit 3-wood off the tee, and 4-iron, then had a little over a hundred yards. Hit a 56-degree sand wedge to about three feet.
STEWART MOORE: Chad, great round, best of luck this week.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Thanks a lot. Appreciate it, guys.

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