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September 19, 2007

Simon Dyson


RODDY WILLIAMS: Simon, welcome, good to be here at The Belfry?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I didn't play too good last week but nice to get on the Order of Merit and confidence is still pretty high.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Obviously good news yesterday with your pick for the Seve Trophy, as well.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it was nice. Chubby rung me on the way down and said I had to ring Faldo. I said, "What's the news, good or bad?" And he said to just ring him. So as soon as he said that, I thought well, he would have told me if it was bad.
He said, "Yeah, I'd like you to be on my team." So, yeah delighted.

Q. Is it the first time you have phoned Faldo?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, first time. The number is up here now for good (in his head). First time I have properly spoken to him and said hi to him because he's good friends with Nick Dougherty. Never really met him but obviously I'll get a chance next week.

Q. What did he say to you?
SIMON DYSON: Pretty basic really. He was doing commentary on the US PGA and we got talking about that and he just said, "I'd love to have you on my team." I said I was delighted to accept his invitation and that was it, hung up on him.

Q. What did he say about your performance in Tulsa at the US PGA?
SIMON DYSON: He just said, because it as so hot for a foreigner, especially a Brit, to go over there and play well and to do what I did in the last round, I think he just said it was a great achievement. And one of my friends was actually over in America and he was watching the American coverage and Faldo was commentating on it and he had some nice things to say, so I heard.

Q. Where you expecting a call up on Sunday night?
SIMON DYSON: It was one of those, if I got it, great. If I didn't, then obviously he thinks there's someone better for the team.
I don't know. It's weird because I half thought I played well enough to get in it. I wouldn't have been disappointed if I hadn't have been called. Obviously it's a bonus, isn't it, to get in, and it's nice to know that someone like Nick Faldo thinks you're good enough.

Q. What was the last team event you played in and who told you?
SIMON DYSON: Walker Cup. It was McEvoy phoned me up and just said -- actually, I think it was Gary Wolstenholme who rung me and said I've got in. Gave me a ring and told me I was in and obviously I was delighted. Hopefully I can do what I did there, because I went out to the Finnish Amateur and won that, obviously I was buzzing having been picked for the team. So it would be nice to do that this week.

Q. A lot of new players playing in Seve Trophy next week?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, a lot.

Q. Do you see it as a changing of the guard, a preview for the next Ryder Cup?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I don't know what it's like for The European Team, but a lot of them from the GB team pulled, out didn't they: Harrington, Westwood, a few other of the guys I saw.
Yeah, just shows the depth that both teams have got. I mean, there's a lot of young lads and it's good. It's good taste for all of the young guys to sample what might be for The Ryder Cup, you know, in two, four year's time.

Q. Are you looking now to Ryder Cup for next year?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I mean, I had a good year last year and just missed out. But hopefully I can pull my game up another level and I'd realistically be looking at pushing for a spot. But at the minute, I'm not really thinking about it, just trying to play golf; and if you get the results, the pick is there at the end of it, isn't it.

Q. Do you think your performance in the US PGA will mark you moving up a level?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I hope so. Start performing at the top level in the top tournaments. To do it in big events is great but to do it in a major is special, you know.

Q. Have you given up all your vices?
SIMON DYSON: My vices, yeah, trying. The drinking certainly has been calmed down a hell of a lot. It's just obviously last year, when I had the year that I had, obviously I gave pretty much everything up. I was in the gym five, six times a week, you know, where I've just let that slip a little bit the last two or three weeks and I'm starting to feeling it.
So it's obviously -- probably going to start preparing for next season now. So I've got a good four months so really get myself fit and get my game in good stead and hopefully get off to a flyer next year.

Q. Are you smoking at all?
SIMON DYSON: Some days, none. Pretty much.

Q. How often on a bad day?
SIMON DYSON: Three. Never bad. Unless on the last -- but I don't do that very often because I don't have time.

Q. How much would you drink?
SIMON DYSON: Depends who my company was. If it was Mr. Dougherty -- no, I've just taken everything down in moderation, you know. Like I said, I felt how good it felt last year when I gave everything up and got myself fit. I felt good. You would wake up in the morning and you would feel really good about yourself, so you would take that on the course. I need to get back to that again.

Q. Why haven't you been going to the gym as much?
SIMON DYSON: Just been playing so much I think. The one time I actually took a good break was after Loch Lomond, took three weeks off, was in the gym every day. Put my clubs away for two weeks. And then practised really hard the last week, went out to America and it showed because I was fresh, and everybody had played in a couple of tournaments before. And Tiger, he summed it up; he said: The reason I've won it is because I'm fitter than everybody else, and he was right.
I went out feeling fresh and fit and did well, as well. It's just playing so many tournaments, I think you kind of let it slip a little bit.

Q. Why are you playing so much?
SIMON DYSON: I just love playing. I hate being stuck at home when I could be out here.

Q. How many do you play?
SIMON DYSON: I think I play about 32, 34 a year. There probably will be a time I will be stuck at home and wish I had played more.
RODDY WILLIAMS: You play more than most, don't you?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah. But I'm going to play about 27, 28 next year, drop it by about five or six, because I saw how much I benefitted from that break of three weeks. Before the PGA, that was the first time throughout the season that I've taken a good three weeks off. I've always had like a week off or ten days off and stuff like that. You don't really get your proper rest.

Q. Were you tempted to turn down the Seve Trophy?
SIMON DYSON: No chance, no. I'm going to do the Seve Trophy, Dunhill Links, and then I'll take Madrid off. Play these next three, take Madrid off and then Portugal and then down in Mallorca and Valderrama. Just try to push myself for these next tournaments in the next seven weeks.

Q. Would you call for the Irish to come and support the Seve Trophy even though there are no Irish playing?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it will still be a good spectacle. There's still some very good players out there. Monty and Casey, Robert Karlsson, these are all Ryder Cup players, and it's not very often you get to see them in kind of Ryder Cup format. Obviously they were at The K Club and it would be nice if they supported it half as well as they supported The Ryder Cup. Everyone who was associated with that said it was the best one they had ever been.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Simon, good luck this week.

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