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September 16, 2007

Paula Creamer


Q. Paula Creamer doesn't know what it's like to experience a loss in the Solheim Cup. This is your second, you won as a rookie and -- in the U.S. Now you're going with another win. Describe the differences winning over here.
PAULA CREAMER: Coming over here with the underdog. So many supporters for you. We have our people out here, you know, cheering us on, seeing red, white and blue everywhere. It's different. It's rainy. That's for sure. It was cold, but it was such a good week. I'm really proud of the team. Betsy did a phenomenal job being our Captain.

Q. The way you played, it's like you're born to play on the Solheim Cup team. 3 1/2 points two years ago, 3 1/2 points again. What is it about this atmosphere of match play that makes you excel?
PAULA CREAMER: Representing your country. You begin to shine when you have to. Coming out here, playing for my country, there's no better feeling than that. I think it's every athlete's dream to wear their colors and try to do as much as they can to support their country. I definitely try to do it with pride.

Q. You sure did. Love the cheeks, the red, white and blue.
You got the points. You finally scored. How does it feel?
PAULA CREAMER: Couple more holes I really wanted to play. It's hard when you know the Cup has been secured. I'm standing on the tee box with Betsy, saying, "We won." It's kind of just a really -- I wanted to get it in as fast as I could. I tried.

Q. You won obviously the last time in the States. How was it in Europe?
PAULA CREAMER: We came as the underdog. I think it feels good to come on soil the second time ever. That's pretty good, and it's exciting. Our Captain, Betsy, did just a wonderful job preparing us and, Beth, the assistant. Everybody really did just such a good job.

Q. You played ten matches in Solheim. You won nine of them. You seem to thrive on the pressure.
PAULA CREAMER: I love pressure. I love to play for my country. I just love, you know, being out here. I think it's so exciting to be on a team. I love that, having everybody out there, be supporting each other, clapping for good shots. It's really good comradery, representing your own country.

Q. Talk about the atmosphere.
PAULA CREAMER: Wherever we went in our little area, it's always red, white and blue. Representing our country and seeing that, and I think that's why we played so good this week is we're out here. There's not many of us supporting us over here, our family and our close friends, and we just try to take the momentum from them.

Q. Word for the Europeans, they gave you a terrific fight.
PAULA CREAMER: Every match has been so close. I played 18 to 17 holes every match I played, and that's good. That's good golf. It's great for women's golf, especially over in Europe as well as in the States.

Q. What does winning the Solheim Cup to you?
PAULA CREAMER: It's better than winning a tournament individually. Anytime you can play for your country and win, there's no better feeling than that.

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