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September 16, 2007

Linda Wessberg


Q. Hi Linda. Your Solheim point.
LINDA WESSBERG: Well, you know, I tried to do what I could do for the team, and, you know, it's tough, though. The U.S. has a great team, you know, and I'm sure the girls did everything they could today and this afternoon. So it's really tough.

Q. Slightly disappointed, obviously.
LINDA WESSBERG: Well, you know, it's on home soil, and, of course, everyone wants to win this one but --

Q. Especially Sweden.
LINDA WESSBERG: Of course. I've had a great week, and it's great experience for me. I probably, you know, going to come out a better player out of this week than I was before I came here. So, you know, it's tough. It's a team effort, but, you know, I'm pretty happy with what I did.

Q. Do you feel like you could have done more for the team if you had been given more of a chance playing?
LINDA WESSBERG: It's really easy to say afterwards. I'm totally supporting Helen in her decision, what she did with the team and the players she played. So, you know, she probably had a reason for why she did the way she was doing, and so, you know, it's easy to say afterwards.
I felt great. I played well coming into this week. I've been playing well all year. Maybe she didn't want me to. I don't know.

Q. Do you feel like you practiced okay and stuff before playing?
LINDA WESSBERG: Yeah. Yeah. I felt great. It's really hard. I came in from the U.S. on Monday night, and it takes a few days the adjust and all that stuff so -- but, yeah.

Q. Your caddie, were you happy with him?
LINDA WESSBERG: He's done a great job. He's pretty much running all over the place. He's a little bit energetic.

Q. What happened with his hair?
LINDA WESSBERG: I had plenty to do. To get away sometimes, I have to look for him.

Q. Thanks, Linda.

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