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September 16, 2007

Helen Alfredsson


Q. Would you do it again, or is it too emotional?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: No. I mean, if we can have it the same way, you know, with everybody being happy and pleased and laughing, and, you know, it's obviously -- I'm emotional. I'm always emotional. You feel like it gives so much energy when you get known so well, no matter where you've been or how long you've been around. It's very nice.

Q. Is that the Trish Johnson you shouldn't give this team a match, you did, congratulate her.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: It is tough sometimes with the Europeans players because they haven't really played much. Part of it is a little bit of intimidation. We all know the Americans are very tough. They're very tough on their own, and and we do enjoy a lot of strength when we are a team because we like to be a team. We have fun together. They are a lot more individual, and I don't have the answer to them, but, in a way I'm happy that we are the strongest team because that makes us be very fun.

Q. Thanks for talking to us.
Despite the crazy weather, how was it?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: It was hard because, you know, you feel, having been on the other side before, the first time, you know, you know so much work goes into this and everybody is working hard and, you know, the weather was tough, and it was tough for the girls. But, you know, I'm very proud of the Swedish people that came out and cheered us on as much as they could. We didn't do good enough for them. I hope they got something out of it. I'm just proud of how Sweden handled this.

Q. You hosted a fine event and a great squad. Congratulations.

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