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September 16, 2007

Catriona Matthew


Q. Catriona, sent out first to get some blow on the board. How does it feel to do just that?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: It feels great. Definitely played my best golf today. I think the rest yesterday helped me.

Q. Turning point must have been the putt at 12.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I was just trying to 2-putt. Two great shots onto the green. Laura had a tough putt for par. I was trying to tap it down there.

Q. Is it tough with so much red on the board?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Few of the games are pretty close. Hopefully we can turn them around. Yeah, it would be nice if we can put more blue.

Q. Well done.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Thank you very much.

Q. Were you surprised, or were you asked about being on top?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Helen asked me. I said I would be very happy. I was pleased today. Nice to get a point. Maybe we can turn a few more around. My short game was pretty good this week. I hit some good chips.

Q. Did you give a pep talk, any words of encouragement?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: It was kind of difficult with most of the night playing. Yeah, I mean, it was just kind of difficult with the way it had gone yesterday and this morning.

Q. Did you get together before the singles? I know there wasn't a great deal of time.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: No. They were still finishing, and I was warming up.

Q. What did Helen say to you on the first tee?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Just "Good luck and go out and try to win a point." She had confidence in me.

Q. You had a big putt at the beginning.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I just gone 1-up on 6 and hit the tee shot in the bunker on 7. Then missed a 15 one. That was a good par. Lost 9 and 10. 9 my tee shot was too far. She made a good up and down out of the bunker for par. Then 10, just a little long on the tee shot, ran off. It was a real up-slope, slide-slope, and she hit it, basically birdied it. She hit to like 3 feet.
Then 11 was maybe the turning point, 11 and 12. We both hit it in the greenside bunker. She kind of hit a long bunker shot and thinned it over.
2-putt probably would have won it. Probably the turning point in those two holes.

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