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September 16, 2007

Suzann Pettersen

Annika Sorenstam


Q. Obviously winning team of Annika Sorenstam and Suzann Pettersen. You guys now are undefeated together playing together. Why do you think it is that you do so well?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: I'm not really sure. We have a good time together. I think we help each other. If I'm out of the hole Suzann comes in and plays well. She's not there, I try to be there. It's just -- I think the combo, the chemistry is fine, and I guess we have a good time together.

Q. Suzann, same question with you. What do you like about playing with Annika and why are you so successful together?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: I think we like each other. We probably think the same way, and it makes us strong. We both hate to lose, so we'll do whatever it takes.

Q. Alright. Congratulations to you both. Best of luck in the singles.
Annika, congratulations. Another victory. Nice to close out quickly today.
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: It's going to be another long day. Suzann played excellent today and so much fun to come out here and play in front of the crowds, and obviously to win makes it even sweeter.

Q. We have a situation where we call it you played superbly.
SUZANN PETTERSEN: It's always nice when you have Annika as your second hand. I think we just took up with each other pretty well. I took care of some holes, and she took care of her business.

Q. How difficult was it sleeping on that one-hole lead overnight especially when the Americans hit back with a birdie on 9?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: I think we had to keep it going and just try to go out strong and finish it quick.

Q. But a tough morning. Cold and wet and miserable. Hard to get yourself charged up, wasn't it?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: It is, especially when you go to bed really late and wake up and it's still dark and still raining. It's tough to get going. It's Solheim Cup, and you have a lot of things at stake. It makes it a lot easier.

Q. Good luck this afternoon. Well played.
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Thank you very much.

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