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September 16, 2007

Zach Johnson


Q. Talk about the day today.
ZACH JOHNSON: Today was good. All in all it was pretty solid, maybe not quite as solid as yesterday. Yesterday I made more putts, hit my driver maybe a little bit better yesterday, but today was good. I gave myself some opportunities, left some putts short on the edge. You know, all in all, a lot of positives.

Q. You've obviously had a great year. If you had to grade your year with a letter, what would it be?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, obviously the first segment was an A, maybe even A+. Summer was probably C, C+ maybe. Ending it potentially this week, I'd give it a B+ to A- as a whole.

Q. Talk about following up a round like you had yesterday. You seemed to play pretty well again today. Talk about that.
ZACH JOHNSON: I put yesterday aside, I really did. That's probably the most encouraging thing because it's hard to follow up a ridiculous round. You know, I hit a lot of good shots. I had a lot of opportunities, especially on the front, and three or four holes on the back where I missed some putts. All in all, it was pretty good.

Q. Coming in it looked like you guys were pretty much playing for second.
ZACH JOHNSON: You can't even think about it, whatever happens, happens. You put pressure on him, he seems to step up his game. It just doesn't matter. If he's behind you, he moves in front of you. I mean, he's very impressive.

Q. Is it amazing for you guys to watch? You can hear it, you're right there, they're right behind you. Is it amazing when you're out there as it is for us to watch?
ZACH JOHNSON: Not anymore. It doesn't cease to amaze me anymore. He's unbelievable.

Q. If you had to take Tiger out of the mix and vote for Player of the Year, who would it be?
ZACH JOHNSON: I don't know. I'd have to see stats. I'd have to see statistics. Really I had two wins, a 6th, a 9th, I think, a bunch of top 15s. I think I had five Top 10s is all. I'd really have to look at the stats. It's hard to say. There's a lot of guys running. I'm one of those guys who wouldn't vote for myself, I just couldn't do it.

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