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September 15, 2007

Iben Tinning


Q. So how do you feel, Iben?
IBEN TINNING: Tired, but also very happy. I think my partner today actually playing quite brilliant. I'm trying to make the pars, and she's makes all the putts.

Q. Okay. How are you playing?
IBEN TINNING: Getting really tired. I thought -- I'm playing alright. I just don't stiff them as much, but it's a tough golf course.

Q. So you're going to get out early and warm up?
IBEN TINNING: I think it's good.

Q. Are you disappointed over suspending?
IBEN TINNING: No, not really. It's just the way it is.

Q. Right, I know. Did you get cold out there at all?
IBEN TINNING: It was cold. When you're tired, you get cold, the wind and everything. Been at this since 6:00 this morning, yeah.

Q. Anything else?
IBEN TINNING: No. I think that's enough.

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