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September 15, 2007

Juli Inkster

Stacy Prammanasudh


Q. Right now you guys are on -- what is this -- the 10th hole. How do you feel about the way you're playing right now? "Are you disappointed?
JULI INKSTER: It was getting too dark. Now was the right time to suspend. We're playing good. We're a couple under and they're making a lot of putts, so we just got to hopefully sleep it off and come out here tomorrow and make a few birdies coming in.

Q. Same thing for you, Stacy?
STACY PRAMMANASUDH: Exactly. As far as calling it, you know, one hole after 11, 12, it's a very tough hole. I told Juli, I don't want to start on 12. They're canning stuff left and right.

Q. Juli, Stacy is making her first appearance here this week and she's -- I don't know if you have played a whole lot together to I know what kind player she is. What's your impression of her?
JULI INKSTER: We played a lot together in the practice rounds and stuff. It makes me feel comfortable. If -- she's very consistent, down the middle, on the greens. As far as the best ball, she's very reliable.

Q. You're playing with a player who has got a lot of experience out here. Here is is your chance, Stacy.
STACY PRAMMANASUDH: Being my first Solheim and playing with someone like Juli is a complete honor. I couldn't have been more excited this afternoon. That's what I'm out here to do. I'm here to get on the fairway and green and let her do her thing.

Q. This is obviously one of the most prestigious events in all of women's golf. What has it been like for you to be a part of this team?
STACY PRAMMANASUDH: It's been a very, very, very busy week. I can't enjoy it any more. It's been so much fun, and I'm just ready to get out there tomorrow morning and see what we can do.

Q. One last thing, to get back in this, tomorrow to come back out, I guess it's going to be an early start. What do you guys have to do to get going, Juli?
JULI INKSTER: We can't dilly-dally. We have to be coming out here at 7:35 and be ready to go. It's not like starting at No. 1, you fall behind, you know, early. We don't have that many holes to catch up, so we've got to be ready to go mentally and physically, and we got eight holes to win this thing.

Q. Stacy, any final thoughts?

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