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September 15, 2007

Helen Alfredsson


Q. A few comments on the day today.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: No, I think it was a wonderful day. Obviously it was tough in the beginning and we started well and then, you know, lost it and then came back and so morning turned out nice. It was nice to see so many people out cheering for us. It was obviously tremendous.
And then I think the girls really were pumped up and played well in the afternoon, which is --

Q. Was it good because of the last few foursomes matches this morning? Because at one point it looked like 3-1, they both halved.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Which is fantastic. Again, that just shows, you know, the character of these girls and, you know, they were just fighting until the very last end, obviously and, you know, it's so nice to see that. It's the heart and sole of this team that they're fighting for everybody when they do that.
You know that you don't see anybody, you know, putting around, and Laura and Trish yesterday got it, you know -- it's been a long time. Obviously I haven't played with Laura for a long time. To see her fight like that was absolutely -- gives me chills.

Q. You're playing the last hole well.

Q. Haven't lost it once yet.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: That's good. No. I just think for me it just shows such a great heart on this team. You know, everybody fights for each other, you know.

Q. I understand that the team, the players, and everybody is going to come out tomorrow morning. Is that something you would like see out there?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Of course. That is one of the advantage of being home because people are coming out and supporting and cheering. I think that people that have been standing, sort of guarding the hole, or, you know, they've been wonderful, doing the wave and cheering and getting everybody going.
I think today was a wonderful day, you know, for great atmosphere, considering the weather. It was pretty tough in the morning, and I guess it was a good way to stay warm, too, to jump and scream.

Q. Would you have like to have wait until a certain point tomorrow morning to decide the singles? There's so much play left in this session?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: You do have a lot of play left and obviously --

Q. More time. Just seems unnecessary.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: We did get a little bit more time this evening.

Q. Not more golf. You could win it 4-0.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: It's just -- you want to make it -- you don't want to lose a whole hour after that, you know, because you would lose an hour if you wait until the people are down.
You know, this is very special circumstances, and I think we're all trying to deal with it the best way we can, and this seemed to be the best way to do it. Obviously they were kind enough to give us even an hour more tonight.

Q. Did the bad weather help the yours more than the Americans?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: I don't know. Maybe we're a little more adjustable. We're very supportive. I don't know. I was just -- I've just been tremendously proud of the girls how they've been fighting, you know, and obviously today we all knew it was tough and -- but we were all cheering, our exercise routines, and on the floor and somebody was sleeping.
It's nice. It's a group that it's everything from rookies and very young players to, you know, Laura and myself, and they get along so well. You don't even feel like somebody is different. I think that's -- you know, it's funny because in a team room, we're all sitting in the big round thing instead of people sitting in groups. We are very different. Maybe that's why, you know, they're fighting so well.

Q. How did you have to adjust your thinking knowing -- actually know where you stood -- not knowing where you stood with the singles?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: It's hard. You should go out strong or leave players, but, I mean, I think we just have to go with your gut feeling, and we were all pretty much together on the team that we turned in.

Q. Did you ask if you could delay it until tomorrow until after the four-ball in?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: I don't think either of the teams would really like to lose an hour and a half, you know, and then everybody knows now where they're going to play and prepare themselves and the girls that are not playing -- I think that's fairer. To start totally over and -- I think if there was people that -- we obviously did it the way we wanted to exactly, and if there were girls that are late, playing late and teeing off early, they're trying to adjust to give them a little bit more time.

Q. So it was important to get the players in and drawn?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: I think it's good for the players to know.

Q. Sleep well tonight.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: I don't know. It's not going to be long, and it's going to be another long day tomorrow, but, you know, hopefully they get a good meal and go to bed.

Q. If I mention a comment by Dotty Pepper, do you know what I'm talking about?

Q. How do you think that will affect either their team or your team?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: I just -- I think that is totally inappropriate no matter what. We are all together in this, you know, at the end of the day. At the end of the day, it's all for women's golf, and if anybody should know how tough things are, you know. It's extremely windy.
There's no putt that feels easy, and to make a comment like that, I find that quite improper. It doesn't matter if it's for us or them. I just don't see the point, why you even have to even have those thoughts in your head. Because you should know each other. You go out there and try your best, and it's always easy to sit and say that when you're when you're not right in it.

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