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September 15, 2007

Betsy King


Q. Start with some opening comments. Today was a long day with the delay.
BETSY KING: Yeah, obviously it was a long day. Not quite as long as yesterday in a sense because we didn't start until 10:00 but, again, tough today weather-wise and the matches are close. They're just close. I mean, there's been maybe two matches the whole time more than 1-up, 2-up victories.
I think it's going to be close going into the last day, and hopefully we'll just -- I thought we played well this morning even though it ended up being 2-2. Both teams played very well and this afternoon -- I kind of hadn't seen quite as much of the golf, but I've heard there's been some good scoring. You hear even when you're out there. Just close. I don't know what else to say.

Q. How did you decide the singles only when there's so much of this session left?
BETSY KING: That made it more difficult, definitely. I guess it's public knowledge what the order is, but we just kind of tried to guess, you know, who is going to finish and put out, you know, the -- to cover different scenarios, and hopefully we've done that.

Q. Was there any discussion about waiting until after fourballs before --
BETSY KING: Well, I don't want to comment on anything at the moment. This was the decision that was made, and, you know, it was just the decision that was made.

Q. Did you have any reaction to the Dottie Pepper's stuff on the Golf Channel?
BETSY KING: It's hearsay, what I've heard and, you know, I'm too involved with the Solheim Cup right now to worry about it. So, you know, when things -- afterwards I'll be happy to comment on it.

Q. We just spoke to Helen Alfredsson. She said it was inappropriate for the match and for women's golf.
BETSY KING: I'm happy to comment about it tomorrow night. I don't really want to go into it right now.

Q. Did you feel at all like you missed some opportunities?
BETSY KING: Today in our play? Yeah. You know, it's kind of funny because yesterday we started up and then kind of came back a little bit. This morning we started down and then got up and then kind of came back a little bit, but it's like you're only 1-up and you lose one hole and it's like there goes half a point.
It's just been so close, and so I've been telling everybody, "Every shot is going to count. Make sure you give it a hundred percent on every shot because it could go down to one shot." Now everybody knows it. They'll try to do their best.

Q. Have any of the veteran players said anything in the team room about the closing matches?
BETSY KING: We haven't gotten to go over there tonight. The normal Saturday night thing.
We talk about it. I think everybody knows but, yeah, definitely I think our big key this week has been to have the people with experience help those with rookies, including bringing in the past captains just to give the younger players a sense of history.
One of the videos we saw was history of all the Solheims and just to get them to understand, you know, what is the Solheim Cup and how -- who these people have been from the past, and I think appreciated it. JoAnne Carner made a very funny statement. She talked about how you're going to be so nervous on the first tee it makes you carry Chapstick and put it on your teeth so when you smile, your lips don't stick to your teeth. (Laughter).
You know, it was good. I had Judy and JoAnne and Nancy Lopez in there so -- I think the players, younger players, have been very open to listening to what the ones with more experience had to say.

Q. Do you have any extra motivation, or were you planning something to gear everybody up?
BETSY KING: Not really. We've shown all the videos. I hadn't really thought about it too much.

Q. George Bush?
BETSY KING: No, I don't think he wants to come. He's not that well-liked in Europe. We asked him to come. He declined. No.

Q. The conditions, obviously you've played a lot of golf in your life, is this a bottom one for you as far as the --
BETSY KING: I remember playing in 50-miles-an-hour winds at the Kemper one year, and I hit a 3-iron from 120 yards. That's about a seven club wind. I don't know. I think the fact we had to come out and play twice, play 36 holes. That's probably the most golf that's been played, you know, in tough conditions because usually it's just one round and done.

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