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September 15, 2007

Bettina Hauert


Q. How did you think it went?
BETTINA HAUERT: Rollercoaster. From good to bad and bad to good. I had great shots and bad shots.

Q. The first putt you made on the first, how much do you think you needed to make that? How much did that calm you?
BETTINA HAUERT: It pushed me. Didn't settle me. It pushed me.

Q. Did the crowd help push you as well?
BETTINA HAUERT: Yes, and I hope I helped pushing the crowd.

Q. The crowd certainly seemed to enjoy you getting very emotionally excited out there. How much was it to you?
BETTINA HAUERT: It's very, very emotional out here. It is. It is really big. It's big emotions now. You can see crowd inside. You can tell when they're happy and when they're sad. You just go with them.

Q. How would you gauge the mood, the crowd now, the European crowd?
BETTINA HAUERT: They love us. I've never experienced this much support.

Q. Are you looking forward to maybe playing tomorrow, getting the point back?
BETTINA HAUERT: I'm definitely going to play. Never wanted to play so much golf in my the life like this week.

Q. You came up against very difficult opponents today. No question that they were playing incredibly well. Have you got any words for them?
BETTINA HAUERT: Well, they played well. It was their play. They made really good putts. They stuck to it and a good job, I must admit.

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