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September 14, 2007

Laura Davies

Trish Johnson


BETHAN CUTLER: I think we'll start the interview. I'd like to welcome Laura Davies and Trish Johnson who halved their match today against Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel. Just have you talking about the how the conditions were pretty bad out there today.
TRISH JOHNSON: It's one of the worse -- I don't know how long we were out there. It seemed forever from start to finish. It's one of the worst days I ever played in.
LAURA DAVIES: It's 20 past.
TRISH JOHNSON: Couple of showers, like Laura said, on 18, just as she's about to hit her shot, almost impossible because she hits a shot and this thing comes up. You got no control. It was almost a gamble before it came, and unfortunately it came right when she stood over her shot, and it was tough.
BETHAN CUTLER: Laura chipped in at the 16th. That was a pretty special shot.
LAURA DAVIES: It's one of those things. We all hit a poor tee shot. Trish actually hit a good one. Mine was always right, and the other two girls, it was awful. We walked down there and typical feeling sorry for ourselves. That's the side of the hazard. Trish is in the hazard. I'm in bush. This is just not fair.
But, you know, all of a sudden it worked out for us. I hacked it out of that bush and chipped in, they both missed. Things like that happen in golf. It's lovely when it does. It was a great moment. I made a fool of myself celebrating, but I enjoyed it.

Q. Laura, sorry I have to talk to you with the microphone when I'm sitting right here, but on 16 could you just tell us where that ranked in the par saves you've made in your career.

Q. Also tell us what you were actually looking at when were you standing there.
LAURA DAVIES: First of all, it's probably the best one, considering the circumstances. We were going to go dormie, two down. That wasn't going to be a good thing for the team. It was hit and hope. Down in the long grass. I was trying to find a root to take my club out because. I had two big strands of quite thick -- I don't know if it was bramble or whatever you call it over here. I managed to find a root. I thought it was going to hit the tree and go in the water. It was lucky it got to where it got, but then the chip was a good chip. The chip was the first -- the hack was a hack. Thirty-six handicapper shot. It worked out.

Q. Did you answer the second question about how this ranks?
LAURA DAVIES: Considering the circumstances and we didn't want to go down 17, 2-down, it was beyond belief, really. I would say it was a pretty good moment. Great par.

Q. My question was, I don't know if you were scoreboard watching at all, but you know there's a lot of red on the board obviously early. Were you paying attention? Your thoughts on how it ended up.
LAURA DAVIES: Absolutely. That's what it's all about. It's about seeing the blue on the board. I actually think we've done quite well to only be -- I think we're a point and a half behind now because -- or is it two points? One point. There you go. That's even better.
All day it's been red on the board. 1-down, 2-down. The good thing was the two matches that were won that easily were both for us. That's nice. We always had one point on the board with seven, eight holes to go when we were out. It's not a bad day, considering.

Q. What odds would you have given on winning the 16th as it stood over the second shot?
LAURA DAVIES: Probably been I would have said 500 to 1, probably. 250. I mean, the half would have been good. I was thinking making four because they weren't excelling on that hole. You need luck because we had none. We did good putts and good shots.

Q. Now you know it's one point behind. That feels like a real result.
LAURA DAVIES: Real result. A touch.

Q. How shaken were the opposition at that point?
LAURA DAVIES: I'd say pretty shaken. I'd have to say Paula and Morgan given Trish the putt. Trish had like two and a half, 3-footer. It was just really nice that they realized it was a good match and they conceded the putt. I thought that was top class, I really did.

Q. Suzann Pettersen has had, you know, probably the best season of anyone in this field, actually, on the LPGA Tour and worldwide. Are you surprised she sat this afternoon, either one of you?
LAURA DAVIES: Captain's decision. If I'm honest, yeah, I suppose I was. I thought Suzann might play all five games, and obviously she's not going to play all five games now. I was surprised, but Alfie is making decisions on the information she's got, and that was her decision. The chances are I'll be sitting out, Annika might sit out. I don't know. That could happen to all of us. Suzann has obviously got a big part to play tomorrow, now.

Q. Laura, did you agree with Trish on the conditions that?
LAURA DAVIES: Look at the hair. What do you reckon? Yes, I do. It was cold and wet and windy, but it was great fun.

Q. I was wondering what it's like to play against teenagers and whether that influenced the match, whether you're used to seeing such young kids on the Tour.
LAURA DAVIES: We tell them off when they hit a good shot. They have to listen. They're friends of mine. Because we all do the same job, it doesn't seem to be the age gap, I don't feel. Mentally I'm probably younger than that. I don't feel that old. You know, they're good girls, all of them. There's a lot of them coming through.
BETHAN CUTLER: Thank you for coming in today. Good luck tomorrow.

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