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September 14, 2007

Laura Diaz

Sherri Steinhauer


Q. How does it feel to have a point on the board?
LAURA DIAZ: I think we're very comfortable together. Hi mom, hi dad. We love you.
Amazing. Just awesome. I think it's hard to put into words because we've struggled so much in this format. It just feels great for me because I've never been able to put a point on in this format. It's awesome.

Q. Sherri, how about it?
SHERRI STEINHAUER: It sure is. I have a long time in my career, and it's been rejuvenated, and to be back, it's unbelievable. I captained some of the girls on the Junior Solheim Cup in 2002, and to be able to play with them is fine.

Q. How much more can you do getting into your rhythm?
LAURA DIAZ: When we came out this morning, it felt cold, but I think we all layered up. Out here it really wasn't that bad.

Q. Toughest course you've ever played in the Solheim?
SHERRI STEINHAUER: I believe so. It makes it really difficult. I think the rough was short. I think you get some pretty hairy lies in the rough, and the ball does not come out very far.

Q. How does it you feel to get the first points in?

Q. How hard on the first tee? Were you nervous at all?
SHERRI STEINHAUER: I was a little nervous to hit the first tee shot, but, you know, we've been preparing for this for so long, and I was ready to go, and I think Laura was, too.

Q. You have the support from your countrymen.
SHERRI STEINHAUER: Absolutely. There's a lot of -- you know, all the way over here, there were quite a few people cheering for us, and that felt good.

Q. Took a quite early lead.
LAURA DIAZ: I think Sherri and I said before we came out here we wouldn't think about it, whatever, and I think that that worked for us because even if you're up, it doesn't really matter. We've got 18 holes of golf to play. We just play like we had 18 together.

Q. When did you feel like would you win?
LAURA DIAZ: I was playing all the time, looking ahead. Keep doing what we were doing. We were just trying to win one hole at a time.

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