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September 14, 2007

Catriona Matthew

Iben Tinning


BETHAN CUTLER: I'd like the welcome Iben Tinning and Catriona Matthew to the interview room. Had a successful match today. Won 4-2, beat Pat Hurst and Brittany Lincicome.
Just could you just start by saying, you know, what the weather conditions were like out there. I mean, it seems like quite torrential rain at times.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Well, it was just terrible. We had wind, rain, then we had some sunshine. We had a bit of everything. Really on the whole, pretty terrific.
BETHAN CUTLER: What are you thinking of the overall score line at the moment?
IBEN TINNING: Of course we would like a bit more points, but I think it's playing so tough out there. If you don't make the putts -- it's really just difficult to make a par, I think.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: If we can even squeeze a half point out of the last game, I will be fairly happy with that.
BETHAN CUTLER: There's a lot of very good shots on the TV. Iben, you had a very good putt on the 14th. Was that an important one?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Nearly had a hole in one on 13. That kind sealed our match.
IBEN TINNING: I really enjoyed that putt. Really embarrassed how excited I got.
BETHAN CUTLER: Any questions for Iben? This is the only time, by the way, they're going to be here. They're not going to be doing anything.

Q. Catriona, you had quite a quick turnaround between playing this morning and this afternoon. Did you have any time to actually prepare yourself for this afternoon?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I had time for lunch. I had already played 18 holes or 16, so didn't really need to warm up again. That was plenty of time.

Q. Iben, you were left out this morning from foursomes. How did you come to get going?
IBEN TINNING: Well, how did what, sir?

Q. Was it tough to get going out there?
IBEN TINNING: No. I was real excited to go. I couldn't wait to go play, and I only had an hour, only an hour before I went to play, knew that I was actually going to play. I ran down at the range and tried to get myself ready, and I just think I was really surprised how tough it was out there. We looked at the telly throughout. It was going to be absolutely so difficult, and it was. It really played tough. The back-9, you know, obviously tough.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Tough to get close to the pins. Tried to hit the greens more than anything.

Q. Some of the holes, you made the putt on 12, I think. You made a good par. You got in front. Was that the turning point of your game?
IBEN TINNING: I think just a little bit, and when Catriona made the birdie on 9, then we got away with 9, didn't we? We got very lucky on 10.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Kind of gifted us 10. Up and down out of the bunker.
IBEN TINNING: Everything turned around. Maybe more to us.

Q. You looked like were you blaming your putter. Was it cold? You had a cold putter to start with, and then suddenly you went on fire from 12 to 15, I think. Then you made that great one on 16.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: We both hit a lot of good putts. We could have birdied the first two holes. Just kind of getting close, but we saved them for the back nine.

Q. Bettina and Linda haven't been used yet, haven't been used today. Do you know how they're feeling at all?
IBEN TINNING: No, I don't know.

Q. Just a little thought about your partnership. Obviously it was clicking quite okay. Tomorrow, you two again?
IBEN TINNING: We have no idea what's going to happen. I just knew one hour before I had to go play today. We absolutely had no idea.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Jump in when needed.
IBEN TINNING: Obviously I really enjoyed playing with Catriona and we had a lot of fun. She's a tough cookie. I love that.

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