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September 14, 2007

Mark Calcavecchia


Q. What are you thinking when you see Tiger putting up a 28?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Trying to figure out which holes he parred, actually.

Q. First three.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: First three? He got off to a bad start. He could be in a slump. I noticed he made a bogey. I think he's losing it.
I don't know, I was kind of hoping he'd shoot 59 just for interest's sake. All he had to do was shoot 4-under on the back for 59. Pretty doable for sure, but we'll see.

Q. Talk about your save there on 18.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: I was in the same spot this morning and ended up hitting a great shot, as well, and missed a four-footer for par. My strong 5-wood is too much club on that hole and I eased into a couple. I thought my head might have been loose on my 5-wood, but it's not. 5-wood is out 2-iron is in for tomorrow.

Q. Is it strange seeing low scores on this course, at a course where you're used to seeing much higher scores?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah, it is a little strange. This course isn't super hard, especially with the length these guys hit it today. But with the greens being super soft and not really spinning -- I mean, it's even easier when you don't have to worry about sucking them back 40 feet like you do at the AT & T. It almost buries in the green. I've had three balls bury without even spinning. You can just fly it right to the hole. And they're putting pretty good, really. They don't look great but they putt fine.

Q. You're a guy that's gotten birdies in bunches at times. When you get on a roll you can fire away. Does this kind of setup really favor you or do you like when you can just fire away?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Well, yes and no. I've done both over my career. I've won tournaments shooting 28-under, and I've won tournaments shooting 5-under. The last two tournaments I've won, the Canadian and PODS, real hard golf courses where it was a grind, with 5-under in Canada and 10-under in Tampa. If I was hitting it a little bit better, I'd feel a little bit better about it. But I'm doing all right considering the way I played the last two weeks, being dead last. It's nice to be at the other direction of the list for a change.

Q. Do you like when a course has really good scoring?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yes, I do. I've always enjoyed playing the Hope. It's fun shooting good scores. I'd rather shoot 66 than 78, but here or Oakmont, I'd rather play here. It's no fun going out feeling like you're playing good shooting 4 or 5-over like you do at a U.S. Open. I like shooting good scores. That's the idea of playing golf is shooting a low score.

Q. Would it be better if more guys had a chance to win the whole thing this week?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah, it would. I've been saying that the last week or two. I think the main thing is we've got to restructure our points next year so at least half the field this week has some sort of chance to win, you know, as opposed to three guys or -- well, really, there's only three guys. The other two, Tiger would have had to finish 20th or something, and that wasn't going to happen. Realistically it was a three-guy race, and that's not enough. We've got to make it a little more interesting next year somehow.

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