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September 13, 2007

Cappie Pondexter

Diana Taurasi


KAREN KASE: We'll go ahead and get started with questions.

Q. Diana, you just in Game 2 thrashed them in their house and tonight with the momentum boost, would you say that -- just describe the team state of mind. Having to play in Game 5, but where you already did well?
DIANA TAURASI: It's going to be a really hard game. We know that. Like the other four have been.
I think we just have to go to Detroit and just focus. Really have to be focused, because that house is going to be crowded. Their players are going to come out extra energized, extra ready to go, we're going to have to find a way to match it.

Q. I wonder if both of you could address what this journey has been like for the two of you playing together. I know you knew each other in college and I know you've given each other a lot of grief, but I wonder what it's like going through this now together?
DIANA TAURASI: It's sweet. It really sweet, it's a lot sweeter being on the same side. And Cappie and I have known each other for a long time. Going back to USA Basketball. Going back to Rutgers and Connecticut. Where she couldn't beat us.
And then -- but it's truly been a great journey to share it with her even last year. We knew we had something special and if we really focused and challenged each other that we thought in the back of your heads we would get to this moment, but we still have a long way to go. But today she showed why she's not only one of the best players in this league but in the world right now. Without a doubt.
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: You know what? Aside from basketball, I think our friendship off the court has helped us on the court. And we have like a real true love for each other. And I'm just happy that we are here together and not playing against each other.

Q. Cappie, you took both shots in the final couple possessions and no hesitation. Is that just something you feel comfortable with taking those big shots in those big moments?
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: Something I love doing. Especially with a minute to go, I just love having the ball and making things happen. And I just thank the coach for just giving me the confidence to allow me to do that. My teammates too.
DIANA TAURASI: She's a closer. She's been doing it all year. What you got like 14 saves? She's a closer.

Q. Diana, did you think that you could actually play almost their style of play and come out with a W? That was just an amazing thing?
DIANA TAURASI: No matter what, in games like this, people want to talk about the up tempo, but all year we have been grinding games, we won it our way, we won it other ways. And when the score is 90-90 or 70-70 the last two minutes is about possessions and stops. Today we fell back on getting stops and making plays on the other end, which we have done all year. So I think that just shows how much fight this team has. And I think that it will go a long way.

Q. Cappie, just to follow-up, some players don't want the ball, why do you love to have the ball in your hands?
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: I just -- the mentality that I have. I love, I'm a winner. I love to win. And when the game's on the line I feel like I can win every time.

Q. It's on the line Sunday, can you both talk about Game 5, what's ahead?
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: We know it's going to be intense. But at the same time, we worked hard to get to this point. And we're going to take advantage of it. We're going to come out really aggressive. We're going to play hard and do whatever we can.
It's now or never. We know that Detroit is a great team, they have a great coaching staff and it's going to be a great fight. And a great game to watch.

Q. Can you just talk about the last 18 seconds, what happened defensively for you guys to give them no shot.
DIANA TAURASI: We talked about that in the huddle and we were probably thinking they were going to go back to Deanna who had a huge shot the possession before. And we just kind of stuck to our guns, sat back in that zone, and made some reads, took away some things that they were going for and at the end the gods were with us, the shot didn't go in. So. Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don't.
KAREN KASE: Thank you very much, ladies.

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