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September 11, 2007

Diana Taurasi

Penny Taylor


KAREN KASE: We'll go right ahead and start with questions for the players.

Q. Diana, for either one of you, just what happened those last couple minutes when you despite fighting back all night you get within three, you kept missing there was that one little sequence where you had four or five offensive rebounds talk about that?
DIANA TAURASI: We missed shots. When you get to the last two, three minutes it's usually teams that makes the plays, makes the shots. And they did and we didn't. So, simple as that. They won the game and we lost it.

Q. For either one of you, you missed the shots, but it looked like you guys had the looks, too?
PENNY TAYLOR: Definitely. Same looks we had in the last game that we made. Tonight we didn't. And we played hard. We got the offensive rebounds, the shots we missed, we just kept missing.

Q. Penny, what happened at the end with Plenette Pierson?
DIANA TAURASI: She threw a punch, easy as that. We just saw the film. If you get hit in the face and it's not a punch, I don't know what else it is.

Q. It was a punch?
DIANA TAURASI: When you get smacked in the face is that not the same as a punch? I don't know. You guys will see the film. You tell us.

Q. You're mad?
DIANA TAURASI: Yeah, because it's a cheap shot, at the end of the game and whenever that happens, you can hurt someone that way. But surprise, surprise.

Q. Do you think the league should take some action?
DIANA TAURASI: I think the league should look at it. If you get suspended for cursing, I think you should be suspended for slapping someone.

Q. Either one of you, talk about obviously their back court really hurt you guys. Katie and Nolan, not that that's a big surprise, but what can you do to maybe limit that next game?
PENNY TAYLOR: Just have more attention to where they are on the floor. We were trying to do that, where also we were trying to have a focus on them not getting easy looks on the inside. They're big, so you know, it's a toss up between stopping their bigs and getting out to the shooters. At times we did a good job, at times not so. Next game it's just more of a focus.

Q. Ladies, what can you say, critical Game 4 Thursday night. Season on the line.
DIANA TAURASI: Hey, same thing we have been doing all year. Win or lose we're going to come with the same attitude, come ready to go, play confident. And like you said, we lose, we go home. And if you want to be champions, it's not supposed to be easy.
So there's nothing we can do about Game 3. Nothing. Nothing's going to change what happened. We'll look back on it, look to some things we did well, some things we didn't do well and hopefully capitalize and fix them for Game 4.

Q. Has this game been more or this series been more physical than you thought and do you think you've matched their physicality, because their a physical ball team?
DIANA TAURASI: We are physical too. We get down there and hit up pretty good. So it's just another game.

Q. You talked, you've talked all along about the consistent, being consistent as a team and doing the things that you do and not worrying about what the other team did. Do you feel like you did that tonight other than the shooting?
PENNY TAYLOR: I think we played hard, we played tough. I think, we missed shots down the end, but we'll make the, if the opportunity comes up again, we played hard and I'm proud of the way we played. We played to the end. And it's just a few missed shots.

Q. D, where would you say that Katie ranks among all the defenders you've covered?
DIANA TAURASI: Katie is -- anyone who plays against her knows how strong and physical and just -- she's a great defender really. She really is one of the top defenders in the league without a doubt. Plays angles really well. So every time you go against her, she's proven it in the past where she's guarded Catchings and Whitmore and guarded people out of position and she always seems to do a great job.
So she's a great defender. She's probably the best defender in the league without a doubt.
KAREN KASE: Thanks a lot, ladies.

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