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September 11, 2007

Becky Brewerton

Bettina Hauert


BETHAN CUTLER: Okay. I'd like to welcome Becky Brewerton from Wales and Bettina Hauert from Germany. It's their first Solheim Cup.
Would you just like to begin by saying how have you found the experience so far, Bettina?
BETTINA HAUERT: It's awesome. It's undescribable what's going on here, what's been built up and the feeling to be here. It's already great and it's already big and it's just the first practice day. I'm excited by how it's going to be the first tournament day.
BETHAN CUTLER: And Becky, what's your experience been like so far?
BECKY BREWERTON: Amazing. I still feel like a little kid in the sweet shop. The way everybody talks about the Solheim. People are right. A lot of people say you can't really describe what it's like. That's what it's been so far because it's just so good, the whole thing, and you just got to take in everything from seeing all the gifts we've had so much. We've not even done anything yet.
BETHAN CUTLER: What are your favorite gifts?
BECKY BREWERTON: The most useful one for all of us was the foot tanner we got because we got white feet. I didn't know they had them. It was great to get them.
BETHAN CUTLER: How about, Bettina?
BETTINA HAUERT: I like the bag more.
BETHAN CUTLER: Which one, the pink?
BETHAN CUTLER: How many holes did you play?
BETTINA HAUERT: Played a full 18. Great course. Won the first match. Awesome golf course. It's beautiful. It's in great condition, and it's still -- it's been raining, but greens are nice, it's perfect.
BETHAN CUTLER: The course is set up quite long this week. Do you think that suits your game, or what do you think about that?
BETTINA HAUERT: Definitely. I like it when courses are long. I don't mind to hit my 3-iron into a green. That's good.
BETHAN CUTLER: Becky, how about you?
BECKY BREWERTON: It has been long. I think we feel we possibly might be slightly longer as a team than the Americans are. Hopefully that will suit us. It plays fantastic. The greens are perfect, like carpet. Really nice to putt on, and if, you know, you're on the fairway, it's not too bad. Some of the bits of rough are tough. You've got to make sure you're on the fairway hitting in the green. It's not too bad. If you can get them down there -- although it's playing long, it's good.
BETHAN CUTLER: How about the captain? How did you find Helen? How did you get along with her?
BECKY BREWERTON: She's a bit insane, but, no, fantastic captain. She's been talking to all of us for months and months before, you know, this tournament even started and, you know, myself and Bettina feel we know her really well, despite the fact we're rookies. She's done a great job of making everyone feel part of the team. She's been especially good with the rookies as well.
BETTINA HAUERT: I agree with that.
BETHAN CUTLER: Anyone have any questions?

Q. I have a question. Becky. The first match play in the Solheim Cup -- I'm sure you've been asked this lots of time -- how does it feel now that you're actually here? Did you wake up this morning and think of Wales?
BECKY BREWERTON: Not quite. No. I mean, it's been amazing. I must say the amount of phone calls and cards, congratulations cards, and stuff I've had has been unbelievable, really. I was amazed actually, and I knew that there would be a lot, but I didn't expect that many. And I've had a few sort of people say they're going to be here this week, but it just means so much.
For such a small country, it doesn't matter what sport it is, whenever anyone does well, everyone gets behind you and it makes you feel so good, you just feel almost invincible. You've got everyone behind you. You go out there and enjoy it.
BETHAN CUTLER: Same question for Bettina.
BETTINA HAUERT: My first-time supporters are going to come. My parents are going to come. Martina Ava (phonetic) is going to come and another friend. They're already there supporting from the phone and everybody at home like my brothers. They can't come, unfortunately, and my coach can't make it because he's got -- he's fighting for his Tour card, but it's so big. Everybody, "Come on, beat the Americans, come on." Everybody is going like this. Tap on the shoulder, "Come on you got to do it. It's great."
BETHAN CUTLER: Okay. Any more questions for the rookies?

Q. Was it a goal for both of you beginning of this year, or were you focusing more on winning events and things?
BECKY BREWERTON: I had in the back of my mind two goals this season, and I know a lot of probably sports psychologists say you shouldn't think of them: It's to win the first tournament and make the Solheim Cup team, and I've done both, which is brilliant.
Whatever happened to the rest of the year, being here this week just makes the best year ever.
BETHAN CUTLER: You've both won your first tournament. Becky, you Ladies English Open and, Bettina, you won. What would it mean to be part of the winning Solheim Cup?
BETTINA HAUERT: It's best you can ever get. Being on the team is the biggest honor you can get -- being European or being an American lady golfer, so I think winning it is -- it can't get any bigger.
BETHAN CUTLER: Same can question for Becky.
BECKY BREWERTON: I can't imagine really what it would be like, having played a lot of amateur golf in Wales, I know a lot about it, and this is about a trillion times bigger than that. It will be the most emotional feeling ever, and they'll be so many things. It will make the season just unbeatable. I can't imagine there could be any better feeling than winning the Solheim Cup.

Q. Becky, can I just ask, obviously since you turned professional, you did well as an amateur, in match play, are you looking forward to be back into this?
BECKY BREWERTON: I can't wait because the thing about golf that you don't get which you get in most other sports, obviously, is the head to head, tennis or football or any of the sports, and then it does make it a about it more intense and, you know, you can really sort of go at it and be aggressive, and it does make you play a different game and probably everyone who plays match play will have more birdies and shoot bad scores. It definitely brings something else out of you. I can't wait.
BETHAN CUTLER: Okay. Well, I think that wraps it up. Thank you very much for coming in. Good luck for the rest of the week.

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