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September 9, 2007

Nathalie Dechy

Dinara Safina



Q. Dinara, last year you were on opposite sides of the net. This year you joined forces. How did it come about?
DINARA SAFINA: Actually, I was supposed to play doubles with Golovin, but then she got her injury. She's like, I'm not going to play. I was just in New Haven. Kirilenko says me like, I think Nathalie, she just text me, she wants to play doubles with me. You should text her.
I'm just text her and just two days before. It was like, Okay, let's play.

Q. So very lucky?
NATHALIE DECHY: You need a little bit sometimes to make it through to the end.

Q. Talk about this victory. You're a newly formed partnership. Here you are with the championship trophy.
NATHALIE DECHY: Well, it's unbelievable. I mean, I was telling to my husband, Can you believe it's the second time that I'm winning this trophy.
DINARA SAFINA: It just shows like she's the one plays, doesn't matter who's standing next to her. She can keep changing the partners, it's okay.
NATHALIE DECHY: Doesn't work like this, believe me.
But, no, so it's really -- I mean, winning a Grand Slam is so much emotion. I'm sure when we were getting close to the end, we were feeling it. And you're like, Okay, okay, it's getting closer. I really want it.
But it's just great. I'm really proud to share this with Dinara. It was just good.

Q. What were your thoughts playing two young girls from Taiwan, hot on tour this year? Talk about the way they played. Were they tough as you would have expected?
NATHALIE DECHY: First I couldn't believe one was 18. I was like, Gee, they're so young.
But they are really a tough team, I think. They both beat us. Like I lost to them in Indian Wells, and Dinara lost to them another time in the year. So we knew it was a really, really strong team, one of the best teams on the tour.
And the first set was I think the key of the match. We hang in there. Then I think they maybe lost a little bit their momentum.

Q. Do you see them as future adversaries, rivalry between the two of you?
NATHALIE DECHY: I think they're definitely going to be a strong team maybe for the Olympics next year. That's one of their goal, I guess.

Q. What about yourselves? Do you think you will stay together from here? Speak to Tatiana?
DINARA SAFINA: I don't know from her, I mean, because I was like with her. She's unbelievable team. Now she has two to choose. I think maybe she is the one who has to choose. Let's throw the coin, which one I choose?
No, I would love to play with her. I had an agreement with Meghann Shaughnessy to the end of the year. Maybe we can stand from the next year.
NATHALIE DECHY: We haven't talked about it yet, so I don't know. We have time.
NATHALIE DECHY: But definitely, I mean, the way we played, it means we can do some great things also in the future.

Q. How difficult is it when you have a disappointing singles to sort of pick yourself up for doubles?
DINARA SAFINA: Is there other choice (smiling)?

Q. No.
DINARA SAFINA: There's no other choice. You have to forget and you have to step in the court and say, Okay, singles played ridiculous. You know, for yourself, play your best, like work on the things that you want to improving, like in singles, like returns. Maybe to don't go so down like here, like if I play doubles, I cannot go down on myself because I had like my partner next to me, and I have to also, like okay, we're a team. If I go down, it would be difficult for her to play. So it helps me to be more positive always on the court.
I think like this year I proved that, okay, I didn't do -- like I didn't say that I have to beat Justine, but at least to maybe show more from my part. Okay, like now doubles, I'm going to concentrate. I think that showed.

Q. Nathalie, how do you explain how much success you're having in doubles in the last sort of year and a half?
NATHALIE DECHY: I have no clue. I don't know. I just don't explain it, and just enjoy it. I always play doubles since I'm really young. And maybe in France you don't put enough interest in the doubles.
But I've just been enjoying. I think it's such a fun game, so maybe that's why I've been pretty good on the last two years, yeah, with this.

Q. Are you enjoying it now more than before because of your singles...
NATHALIE DECHY: Yeah, maybe because in singles it's not going that well. I'm getting sometimes a little bit frustrated about the singles. So I just -- exactly, when you lost in single, you have to come back in double and say, Okay, I can do better, I can work on some things.
I'm still thinking that it can help my singles anyway. So that's why I'm working so much for the doubles.

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