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September 9, 2007

Justin Rose


Q. What was that experience like? You played pretty well, and that dude has just got a gear that most people do not have.
JUSTIN ROSE: That's exactly what I noticed today. We were having a very relaxed day out there, and obviously he got off to a good start, I got off to a good start, and we were just cruising. Obviously I was never in the golf tournament, I was just playing for a good finish, and from that perspective, I was never really a threat, so we were having a good time.
No doubt, you could just see him really -- when he made that putt across the par 3, suddenly you could just see he was into another gear. His focus was at a different level, so it was good.
Yeah, I guess as for my round, I actually felt like I didn't swing it well all day. Like that shot on 18 could have been coming in at any point, so yeah, I didn't feel 100 percent comfortable. Yeah, I did a good job of just hanging in there and playing some good golf.
Yeah, I was pleased I got off to a good start today.

Q. Can you get your head around the total of 60 PGA TOUR wins at age 31? Is that a comprehensible, digestible figure for you? That's what this is now.
JUSTIN ROSE: 60, so for the next four years I've got to win four a year to catch him, so that's pretty good.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: I said I felt like I didn't really play that well but I ground out a good score. I didn't feel 100 percent comfortable, but at the same time I think I mentioned I was good out there today, stayed focused, worked hard and got a decent score out of it.

Q. Have you played with Tiger before?
JUSTIN ROSE: That was my fifth time, yeah.

Q. Can you learn anything, or is he just in a world of his own?
JUSTIN ROSE: You can actually -- obviously he's so intense, but he's also incredibly relaxed, incredibly relaxed out there. You can see he lets his round build. He starts off very relaxed, very calm, doesn't let anything bother him. And then as the round gets on and he gets more into it, obviously he gets more and more focused. That's what you can learn from the guy.

Q. Are you going to go home now?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, I've got some Taylor Made commitments I have to do in Atlanta, so I'll head there.

Q. What have you heard about the condition of the golf course, that the greens are supposed to be in bad shape?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, you know, I think they're just trying to protect it as much as they can and get it into half decent shape for the tournament. Obviously Mother Nature is one of those things, and I guess we've all got to be patient.

Q. What does that do for a player, being able to go out to the course and not being able to tee it up until Thursday?
JUSTIN ROSE: Actually for me it's a bit of a relief. I've been playing a lot of golf, and I didn't really fancy playing practice rounds anyway, so I guess we'll all be in the same boat. For me it actually suits me.

Q. Can you comment on the galleries today?
JUSTIN ROSE: I guess today they felt bigger playing with Tiger. But obviously Steve had a lot of support yesterday, but all in all, the galleries are great here. Yesterday with Steve when I did something well, they cheered for me, and today with Tiger, they were a fair crowd.

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