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September 8, 2007

Colin Dalgleish

Rhys Davies

David Horsey


STEWART McDOUGAL: We have Captain Colin Dalgleish, David Horsey and Rhys Davies. Colin, that was a roller coaster finish. Tell us how you feel now.
CAPTAIN COLIN DALGLEISH: I'm so shaken up by it all. I could barely think what was going on there, was so much happening around the golf course, so many teams that were so tight.
Obviously this morning got off to a pretty bad start, but for one point in time it looked like we were going to finish up 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 and then lost -- we finished up two apiece. So we were delighted with the afternoon at two apiece.
Then again in the afternoon we were off to a bad start and the Walker Cup is short enough that if you're two or three or four points behind going into the second day, it's a pretty long, hard, uphill struggle.
So to actually finish up six apiece at this stage is absolutely great and it's cheered everybody up and momentum is on our side now, the way some of these last games finished off. Rhys obviously winning well at the front of the team up there at No. 3, and David in the last game there, even when he had made a couple of mistakes, hit a bad tee shot on 16 and played a fantastic second shot out of the rough there. And on 18, poor tee shot but just did the smart thing, got the ball back in play and made his five and sort of forced the opposition to make an error.
I think that also Jamie Moul, what he did, and Nigel, these last three games in particular were crucial to pick up these three points, because if we didn't get these, it was just going to be a long, long way back.
So to go into tomorrow, as I say, everybody is going to be so inspired with what happened today that I think we are all going to feel great tomorrow.

Q. What do you think about the last 45 minutes, how significant might that be tomorrow?
CAPTAIN COLIN DALGLEISH: Well, I think it's very significant. A couple of games, it was the last foursome game this morning that sort of got away there, and then this afternoon, I think to come out with these points, it's going to be hugely important.
Obviously losing the first game this morning when Rory had lost fairly early, momentum had swung away at that point in time, but now very definitely feel it's on our side. I think Rory would have felt very bad if that had sort of put us a few behind.
But the fact that we're now even into tomorrow, Rory is feeling a lot better about it. He played great golf and it just cost him on the last there. But he's definitely up for it tomorrow, as well.

Q. Forgetting the score for a moment, how do you think the play has been?
CAPTAIN COLIN DALGLEISH: I think some of the play, certainly I have not seen all of it but some of the play was exceptionally good and some of the play wasn't so good, a few scrappy holes here and there, no question. It's a tough golf course. It's pretty firm, a bit of wind out there, put a lot of pressure on everybody. But there were certainly a few sort of unforced errors on both sides I would say.
So I think equally some extraordinary shots played and great shots hit and putts holed. So I think it's a very good day.

Q. David, can you tell us what happened at 7, and did you concede the hole and did you feel that might cost you in the end?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, obviously, from going -- looking like going from 2-up back to all-square, it was obviously a big blow. I said to myself, can't do anything about it, just get on with it, keep playing the way you're playing and make birdies.
I got on the ball, my putt for a 2, and before I adjusted the ball, the ball moved a couple of inches and I looked over at Webb and said, "It's moved, I haven't addressed it." So I put it back and he said yeah.
After I put it back, I thought, was that the right thing to do. And in the end, it wasn't. So you live and learn. Fortunately it didn't cost me a point in the end.

Q. Just your thoughts on your first day in your first Walker Cup?
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, doesn't get much better than this, certainly amateur level, won't ever feel like that coming down the last for a long time to come. I just tried to keep myself together, keep coaxing myself. I didn't have a clue what the scoring was like. I had a few glimpses during the rounds, a few up, a few down, a few all-square. Just thought, all right, just got to get a point for the team and managed to do it in the end.

Q. Rhys, you played against Dustin Johnson quite a bit in college and you know what a good player he is, were you surprised at your result this afternoon with him?
RHYS DAVIES: Perhaps, yes. Dustin is a very good player and I have played with him on a number of occasions. Maybe the golf course wasn't quite to his style, I don't know. But I wasn't really worried or too bothered by what Dustin was doing. I was really concentrating on what I was trying to do and I think that was most important.
So if I can keep putting the pressure on him, keep putting the ball in the middle of the green, then he was going to feel that pressure and that's pretty much what happened.

Q. Just to complete that story, how long was your putt and were you told straightaway by the referee?
DAVID HORSEY: My putt was about 25 feet or so. I just missed it being conceded and Webb had a putt for a three to halve the hole effectively and he missed. And I looked over at the referee and he called me over and I knew straightaway then what happened. Accepted it straightaway and walked to the next tee.

Q. Colin, all the pre-match hype was about Rory and Lloyd. Given what happened today, nice to show the depth of the squad and prove there's a lot more to it?
CAPTAIN COLIN DALGLEISH: Absolutely. I mean, we always knew we had a great ten players, and I think that there you go, we're at where we're at with these last three points with Nigel and Jamie and David. So we definitely gotten exceptionally talented players, and it would have been nice if Rory and Lloyd had won, but they didn't. We've sort of got through today without them winning this afternoon.
STEWART McDOUGAL: Thank you very much.

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