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September 7, 2007

Justin Rose


Q. Tough day in the wind. You shoot a 69, you hang right in there, a little up-and-down but you hang right in?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely. I think I'm happy with the day's work, to be honest with you. Right where I need to be after two rounds, one back, two rounds in the 60s, basically got my confidence going, and yeah, I feel good about everything.

Q. You told me talking off the driving range after the rain that you were putting on the white stuff for the wind. The wind really played havoc with everyone today, didn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it really did. It was a good 20-mile-an-hour breeze today, two clubs, and I think the only thing that really saved us was the fact that the greens were soft. That way you didn't have to worry too much about downwind and having to land the ball short of the hole. You could really still be aggressive to the pin placements, even though they were tucked.

Q. You hit a couple of great bunker shots from bunkers that were basically hardpan. It was hard to understand what the club was going to do, and yet you hit two great shots. How did you do that?
JUSTIN ROSE: A lot of it was guesswork, but obviously the first one I knew that it was very -- like very soggy underneath, so I gave it a little bit extra. And then the second one, I actually used a sand wedge instead of my lob wedge because sand wedge has a little bit more bounce in the sole, and when the sand is wet like that, that really helped me to get the ball back to the flag, and that one went in actually, which was a great shot.
I hit a lot of quality shots today. I hit a great 3-wood from like 250 into the wind to four feet, missed that putt. I hit a lot of -- I had a great up-and-down on the 8th hole and a couple of other really quality iron shots, so for me that's what I'm encouraged about. When you start hitting shots like that, you know you're playing well.

Q. The ten-footers will drop. You let five of them get away, four of them of them inside ten to get away, they'll start dropping and then they'll be magic numbers.
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, exactly. On a day like today the greens were so soft. They weren't rolling as true as yesterday, and sometimes you've got to take that into account. I felt like I've putted okay. Certainly I hit a couple of putts I wasn't happy with obviously. But yesterday I putted nicely, so I'm hoping that that momentum will carry through on the weekend.

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