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September 5, 2007

Tommy Haas



Q. Could you describe how much pressure he puts any player under when you're trying to hold serve?
TOMMY HAAS: A lot, you know. It's tough. The guy's a tough player. You just have to hand it to him today. He came up with some great shots, very defensive play. At times he makes you try to do too much.
When you don't use your chances, which I think I had in the first set, when I didn't hold, to be up maybe 3-0, that hurt me a little bit. A few other chances there in the first set. Got to me a little mentally.
Every time I would tried to do something different or fight my way out of it or do something he came up with an answer.

Q. 17 breakpoint opportunities. In three sets, that seems likes an awful lot.

Q. I was speaking to Roman Prokes, the racquet stringer. I wonder how as a player you go about picking a racquet stringer, and how did you meet him?
TOMMY HAAS: He's been doing my racquets for so long. I don't remember the first time we met. Obviously, he's one of the best guys out there to prepare a racquet for you. He has a lot of knowledge about what you need I think for the game as well.
You have to go make your pick.

Q. How many racquets did you take out today and how many did you use?
TOMMY HAAS: I don't know. I always string like eight to nine racquets for the match. Sometimes I use only two, sometimes I go through all of them depending on the situation.

Q. How do you tell when to switch?
TOMMY HAAS: Whenever I want to.

Q. You got through some hard-fought matches in this tournament. What positives do you take out of the tournament?
TOMMY HAAS: You know, defending my quarters obviously. Being able to play here actually not knowing how my shoulder was going to hold up before. It was very frustrating arriving here not being able to practice at all the week before the tournament started basically.
Then ending up playing quite well, having an unbelievable match that I'll never forget against James. You know, it's tough. You know, you're out there for a long time. Matches, even against Grosjean, having to come back basically 48 hours later and try to do it again.
Like I said, Davydenko, he came up with the goods today. I don't know how he does it. You wonder sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I'm a step too slow to get the ball back the way I want to with the defense.
Sometimes I feel like my slice isn't good enough, doesn't get enough bite to come back into the point. At times I overhit it. I probably didn't serve good enough today to hold my serve.
Otherwise I like my chances against him. Just today I couldn't use them.

Q. The matches against Grosjean and James, did you find your body being taxed going in?
TOMMY HAAS: I didn't feel too bad, to be honest, considering playing two five-set matches in a row. Didn't really think about. You know your body's going to tweak a little bit here and there.
I've been on the tour for quite some time. But those are all things you deal with now. You don't really think about it. You go out there. You compete at the highest level and you try to win. You try to make everything happen.
There's no excuses. I don't have a hat, but I tip it for Nikolay once again. It's all you can do. Wasn't an easy draw. It's tough out there. Overall I'm happy with the result, but obviously I'm not feeling too happy right now. You just take some time to shrug it off.
It's unfortunate I have to go to Russia right now and play him in the Davis Cup, but that's the way it is.

Q. A lot of people have been talking about how the conditions have been slowed at a lot of tournaments over the last several years. Do you feel like Davydenko's game has become more and more effective in the era of a slower court where he can use his speed more?
TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, probably. It's been slowing down a little bit. The balls are getting a little heavier and bigger. I don't feel it's too slow here. I think he moves extremely well.
Obviously faster courts for him don't -- I don't know, maybe a grass court is really the only surface he doesn't like. Anything else, if it's indoors, hard court, clay court, I mean, doesn't matter, he likes it I think.

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