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September 1, 2007

Michele Redman


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Michele, thanks for coming in and joining us today. You are tied for second place, you are 10-under and you shot a season-low 64 today. Congratulations on a great round.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Can you talk about it just for a minute?
MICHELE REDMAN: Well, sure, the last three days I have hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens. Today I hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens, and I finally started making some putts today and some yesterday, too, so it's kind of nice.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Can we go over your scorecard? You started on the front nine, and your first birdie of the day was on 4.
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, I knocked a 7-iron on No. 4 to a foot for birdie.
7, I knocked a 7-iron to about eight feet for birdie.
8, a 9-iron to probably about 30 feet for birdie.
11, I knocked a 9-iron to probably 20 feet for birdie.
12, 8-iron to probably about 20 feet for birdie.
14, 7-wood to about six feet for birdie.
16, I got it up-and-down out of the bunker. I probably made about a 10- or 12-footer there for birdie.
18, I hit 5-wood to about eight feet for birdie.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Nice bogey-free round out there.

Q. If somebody had told you you would have had a 64 today, and you only birdied one of the par 5s, normally -- and the one birdie you did have was kind of an up-and-down, but obviously you were making putts, so that kind of counteracted the par 5 situation.
MICHELE REDMAN: I missed a couple of putts. I missed about a 3-footer -- I lipped out of both of the par 5s for birdie. So I had legitimate opportunities that I probably should have made there.

Q. One Top-10 this year. Good to be in this position?
MICHELE REDMAN: It's actually pretty nice. It's not like this year I've played horrible. It's just that I haven't made a lot of birdies, and that's what's really hurt me. It's just getting that momentum going, because then you're out there and you're not making a lot of birdies. You get scared to make mistakes because you're not making any birdies to make up for that.
I knew I was playing well. And even the first day when I shot 1-over, you know, I knew I was playing well. So I just tried really hard to be patient this year.

Q. All three days, it's been somewhat windy. Today, though, the humidity is very low, it's windy, the sun; are the greens getting a little faster and harder or are they still fairly firm?
MICHELE REDMAN: Well, I was fortunate because I teed off at 8:00 this morning, so they were softer this morning. I thought on Thursday afternoon, they were the most firm they have been all week. Even today coming in the last hole, they were very difficult coming in on Thursday afternoon.

Q. There are some people that have been around the block at the top of the leaderboard; will that be a factor going into tomorrow?
MICHELE REDMAN: Yes, I have not been around this year but I have been up there. I'm going to go out and play my own game. Today was nice. Today was probably something that I needed for myself. So whatever happens tomorrow, I'm okay with.

Q. This position going into the final day, is this so far this year your best situation?
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, it is.

Q. This course, early in the week a lot of the girls said they really expected low scores, or just like The Rail. Maybe the wind has changed that a little bit. Just overall, has this course after three days, after getting familiar with it -- just what do you think of it?
MICHELE REDMAN: I like it. You know, it's been obviously really hard for the greenskeeper because you guys haven't had any rain.
So, I like it. It's definitely playing different today and the other two days than it did in the practice round. Like in the practice round on No. 10, I had a sand wedge into the green. Yesterday I had like 5- and 6-iron.
So the wind has I think tamed it, helped us -- made it a little more difficult. I like it. It's definitely in better condition than The Rail. It's a much more tournament-friendly golf course, I would say.
But if it wasn't windy -- like yesterday, the scores yesterday, I didn't think there was much wind in the afternoon at all. That would be pretty typical, with the conditions the way they are this year.

Q. More so spectators and fans, they talk about this is one of these residential golf places where there's a lot of walking between holes. Are there some other courses you girls have played this year, just the acreage factor?
MICHELE REDMAN: I don't think it's that bad. We play other courses that are a lot course than this, believe me.
I like it. Obviously I played well today, but from the day I got here, I liked it. The greens are small, which is different from The Rail. So you still have to hit some shots to make some birdies out here.

Q. You said your game wasn't that much different from the first day; is it just momentum on the LPGA where you start dropping or start rolling and if they don't --
MICHELE REDMAN: Absolutely. For me.

Q. So it's just a matter of getting on a roll?
MICHELE REDMAN: Making some birdies and having a low round.

Q. What got you on your roll today?
MICHELE REDMAN: I don't know. I figured out something after the first day on my putting, you know, with just some setup stuff, and I don't know, I just started putting better.
I have been putting better actually the last month. So it's not like I just started putting better last two days. I switched back to my original 2-Ball Putter the week at Toledo, and I have been putting better since then.

Q. It's been a few years since you have had a win I think. Career-wise the last few years, how would you describe it? Has there been some area of your game -- has there been any factors where maybe you have been right there and couldn't quite cash in?
MICHELE REDMAN: Well, for me it's been my putting. I have not putted well. Last year I started out really good, and then I would say the middle part of the year, I just didn't putt well. So that's been the only different for me.
I feel personally I'm striking the ball better than I have in the past. It's just the momentum thing and the patience thing. There's been weeks where I've been patient and I've been okay and finished around 30th and not making that many birdies, two or three a round. You're going to make some bogeys out there, and two or three birdies a round isn't going to get it out here anymore. It used to, but it doesn't now.

Q. I notice you live in Minnesota; is that right?

Q. Have you lived there for quite a while?
MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, at least 12 years.

Q. I know they have the situation with the bridge a few weeks ago, were you out on Tour when that happened or were you home?
MICHELE REDMAN: I was in Scotland actually when I heard about that, for the British. That was horrible.

Q. Any friends or anything?
MICHELE REDMAN: Fortunately, no, I didn't know anybody. But that was not -- that was a horrible thing. It's been really hard for the city, I know that.

Q. This is a very local question. There's a girl from here named Laura Patrick, she's a teaching pro for a park district in Minneapolis, does that sound familiar?
MICHELE REDMAN: No. I'm surprised I wouldn't know (her).

Q. It's been a few years, she's out in the suburbs. She played for Ohio State.
MICHELE REDMAN: I'm surprised I don't, actually but I'm not home enough in the summer.

Q. People would say, oh, gosh, Minneapolis, cold, etc., etc. Are you just a mid -- I know you're from Ohio, are you just a Midwestern person?
MICHELE REDMAN: Exactly. I like the change of season. You know, when it gets cold, I'll go to Florida for a few days a week and practice and kind of do my thing. It's actually easy for me to travel in and out of there, so it's a pretty good, nice, central location.

Q. How nerve-wracking will it be tomorrow?
MICHELE REDMAN: Today I shot a low number, that's what I've been waiting for all season. So I'm not going into tomorrow and put a lot of pressure on myself. It's not like I have to win to get into Solheim Cup. I'm just going to go out there and have some fun and do the best I can do and hopefully make some putts.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Congratulations again and good luck tomorrow.

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