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August 31, 2007

Lleyton Hewitt



Q. Didn't miss much tonight, did he?
LLEYTON HEWITT: No, he didn't miss a lot. You know, I didn't quite get enough on the ball sometimes. But conditions were a bit heavier out there. It was hard to hit through the court.
But he didn't have too many problems.

Q. Obviously you've been in pretty good form coming into it. The draw was starting to look good for you. Must be particularly disappointed, are you?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Disappointed to lose in the second round of the US Open at the moment. He played a good match, though. Can't take anyone lightly in any matches.
But, you know, early in the second set, I didn't quite, you know, stamp my authority on the match after I won the first set. Could have put a little bit more pressure on him early in the second. Then he started to play better tennis from then on.

Q. A bit shell-shocked after that? All happened so quickly.
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, probably just frustrated at the moment.

Q. Would this be your preferred surface of all the Grand Slams?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, it's hard to say. I really don't know. Over a long period, I've had my best results here. But I think I've got better and better on clay every year. On grass I feel very comfortable, and very few players probably do. Slight advantage playing on grass for me, too.

Q. What are your immediate plans?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Haven't even thought about it.

Q. Will you be going back to Australia before you go to Belgrade?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Don't know yet. Not sure. Yeah, I hadn't really planned on anything till, you know, I finished here. I don't know what I'll do. Obviously, get ready to play on clay again.

Q. You looked very much in control in that first set, first five games particularly went according to plan, managed to grind out the set. What do you think was the turning point?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Oh, he was making a lot more errors in the first set, especially early on. Had a little better depth, though. If I hit the ball anywhere half in the middle of the court, dropped it short, he was all over it.
As I said, I didn't quite, you know, play as well as I would have liked early in that second set. That gave him an opportunity to get back in the match.

Q. Once his confidence got up, nothing seemed to stop him.
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, he was hitting winners from everywhere in the end.

Q. Obviously it's going to take a few days to get over the disappointment. It's a huge tie for Davis Cup, prospect of being relegated, whatnot?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, yeah. It's going to be huge. It's a big ask in front of 20,000 in a relegation match. I haven't played too many relegation matches in my career.
Yeah, it's going to be a tough one. We're going to go in as the underdogs, see what happens.

Q. Djokovic is obviously going to be tough to handle.
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, he's going to be their main guy, their trump card. Yeah, obviously I'd like to get a crack at him on day three in a live match. Yeah, we'll see what happens.
Both there are guys play extremely well on hard courts as well. Them choosing clay, I don't think probably is their best surface. Probably one of our weakest surfaces. Then again, Lucz's had great results on clay this year.

Q. Are you prepared to play all three rubbers if need be?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, well, I expect to play all three.

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