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August 31, 2007

Ahsha Rolle



Q. What happened out there today?
AHSHA ROLLE: We were on serve up until 5-4 in the first set. We were both like serving really good. And then at 30-All, she hit two good returns to win the set.
In the first set I think it was just a few points here and there that changed who won the first set.
In the second set I think I lost my serve early on . And then again, she was still serving good. It was hard for me to break her. It was 6-3.
I finished holding my serve. She was just really tough to break. She was hitting really good second serves. I think she just played well.

Q. How do you think you played?
AHSHA ROLLE: I think I could have played a little bit better. I could have played crucial points a little bit better. I feel like I had a couple of bad shot selection shots that kind of cost me big games, but I don't think I played bad.
I served okay. Like I tried to compete as hard as I could, so I did the best I could.

Q. Is that an experience thing? Do you think the more times you're in situations like that, something like that will improve?
AHSHA ROLLE: Yeah, obviously she has more experience than me in those situations. I definitely think I'll improve. Just focus a little better in those situations. As I keep going, I'll keep getting better.

Q. Outside of her serve, were there other aspects of her game that gave you trouble?
AHSHA ROLLE: She hits big off both sides. She has a really good backhand. She hits the ball pretty deep. So it was tough for me. Like during the rally, it was hard for me to get the offensive when she was always pushing me back.

Q. The pounding noise.
AHSHA ROLLE: I don't know what that was, but I heard it. I looked up, but... Didn't bother me that much, just for that second.

Q. You were serving at 5-5.
AHSHA ROLLE: I heard it. I don't know what it was. Oh, well. It's New York.

Q. What does your showing here do for your confidence?
AHSHA ROLLE: It's definitely a huge confidence booster. I mean, it just gives me confidence to know I can play with the top players, beat them. I'm just going to go back and work even harder, get even better.

Q. The pounding, is that part of New York? Tell us about playing here.
AHSHA ROLLE: They're always kind of noises. You got fans screaming, saying different things, people walking during points, walking around.
There's all kinds of things in the crowd that's going on. You just got to focus what's going on on the court.

Q. As far as you know, is this the only place that happens?

Q. That's part of the whole package?
AHSHA ROLLE: Right, exactly. But I love it. I mean, all those fans were so out there for me, screaming my name. It was amazing. I'll never forget this experience.

Q. Where do you go from here?
AHSHA ROLLE: I'm going to go home and train for a little bit and I'm going to go to Asia.

Q. Are you looking forward to cashing your third-round winner's check?
AHSHA ROLLE: Yeah, definitely. Got to go pay some bills.

Q. Do you know what your ranking will be after this showing?
AHSHA ROLLE: I'm not sure. Not sure. Hopefully I'll finally be top hundred. I've been trying to get that all year. We'll see.

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