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August 30, 2007

Adam Scott


STEWART MOORE: Adam Scott, thanks for spending a few with us here at the Deutsche Bank Championship. You come into this week ranked 9th in the FedExCup standings. You've played well here, you've played well at East Lake. Are you pretty excited about the next three weeks coming up?
ADAM SCOTT: Yes, the next three weeks. Obviously excited to be back here in Boston having won an inaugural event here. But I'm even more excited about Marty getting off his phone and paying attention (laughter).
I'm excited because I've been playing well the last couple months, positive signs at the PGA and then again last week in New York, so I'm looking forward to keep moving forward with that.
STEWART MOORE: You just got off the golf course from the Pro-Am. How do you like the changes so far?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think very positive changes to the golf course here. It looks good. I think it plays all right. The course is in great shape, so just looking forward to getting out there and doing it.

Q. We have a tough stretch now. Will you work on anything specific between these tournaments or leading up in the practice rounds? Are you just really sort of getting yourself into fine tune, or is there any element of your game that you're specifically focusing on with this tournament and then with Chicago and East Lake coming up?
ADAM SCOTT: I think the work I did back in Akron has kind of kicked in, and I'm striking the ball how I like to again. You know, obviously chipping and putting is something you can always work on. You know, if that's in good shape, then I think I'll put myself in good shape the next few weeks because I'm striking the ball well, I'm hitting a lot of fairways so I feel comfortable with that.
Last week I didn't make any putts. I didn't feel like I putted that bad, but I couldn't get the speed of those greens. They're a bit fiddly there at Westchester. But the surfaces here are pure and I'm looking forward to getting out there. But nothing specific now.

Q. You were working on angle of approach in Akron; you were working on a slightly different swing plane with Butch?
ADAM SCOTT: It changed from what we were working on. We worked on something else which let that fix itself. It was all in the backswing, really. But that feels really good, so I'm very happy with that.

Q. With four weeks in a row, were you worried about having enough shirts to get through the week? And if you lose too much weight are you worried that the shirts may sag a little bit?
ADAM SCOTT: Of course it's very important to me to look good on the course (laughing). I picked some stuff up from Burberry in New York, so I'll make it now.

Q. When you talked all last year about one of the big gains you made was being ready to win and being consistent start to finish, where are you this year? Was there any type of falloff, and what happened there?
ADAM SCOTT: You know, I think from that sense I'm pretty disappointed with how this year has gone. My play has been up and down and not as consistent as last year. You know, I had a great year last year, and I think it's hard to back up a year like that and live up to that again. There are only a couple guys I know who do that out here. It was the same after I won THE PLAYERS and the Booz Allen in '04, that was a great year for me, and '05 didn't quite live up to that.
You know, three big weeks here can certainly change that, and like I said, I feel like I'm coming into some form, so it's possible.

Q. Let's take the TOUR Championship out of the picture a little bit. Would you rather be there just about every week and not win, or do, for example, what you did in Houston and be spotty? Which one is more rewarding?
ADAM SCOTT: Winning is more rewarding, there's no doubt. I would have been happier to win this year in Houston and not play any good anywhere else than nearly win every week last year and not get over the line. I mean, at the end of the day, I think we're all out here to win, and that's what we base our performance on. Winning is important.

Q. What was your reaction when you saw that one of the Playoff sites would be here where you've done so well, and do you think the course changes might affect your success here?
ADAM SCOTT: I was pleased to see it be a Playoff event. I think the course needed the work done on it, and I think it's certainly worthy of holding it here, so I was excited about that.
But it doesn't play that different. They've actually shortened it. I think it's more interesting. You know, the routing is all the same, other than the 4th hole, which is now a drivable par 4, which I think is a nice element to add to the golf course because it was such a long golf course before and purely the big hitter had such an advantage. I think it's tightened up a little bit.

Q. Did you drive the par 4, the 4th?
ADAM SCOTT: Today you can, yes.

Q. Did you today?
ADAM SCOTT: Not quite (laughter).

Q. What happened?
ADAM SCOTT: I hooked that one, Doug.

Q. Gil Hanse, who did the course redesign, talked about toughening it up not in the sense of lengthening it or tricking it out, but he talked about making golfers think more. Did you think a little more today, I guess?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think you do have to think a little more. It's still pretty generous off the tee, but coming into the greens is where you're going to have to think, especially if it plays firm.
This style of golf course that they've tried to get out here now plays its most difficult when it's firm. That ball is bouncing, you really have to strike it well to control it on the greens. Greens like 17 are so small, but they have quite a slope on it that if you miss it, you've got to miss it on the under side of the hole.

Q. Difference this week atmosphere-wise with Tiger versus no Tiger?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, that's obvious. There always is. That's just how it is. It's a good thing that he's come back, I think.

Q. Was it bad last week that he wasn't there?
ADAM SCOTT: No. You know, it wasn't breaking any rules. That's something that I think you've got to look at if you're going to call it the Playoffs. Maybe we shouldn't have weeks off and be able to come back. I could take two weeks off and come back for Atlanta. I think I'm pretty set if I want to. But I think we've got to get through this first year with it and then should tweak it a little bit so that you don't get in a position where a guy can take a week off and come back and play again.

Q. Is that what you would change, Commissioner Scott?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, probably. You know, it's tough because you've got to provide playing privileges for the members -- opportunities for the members of the TOUR, but generally the Playoffs you cut people to get even into the Playoffs. We started with 144, which is a full-field event almost, and there are a bunch of guys in the Playoffs who may or may not be out here next year with a card. That doesn't really make sense to me.
But I understand that it's pretty hard to just cut that down and chop tournaments out of the schedule for a lot of guys. That would be unfair, also. Something to look at.

Q. If you were in the hierarchy of PGA Tourdom, how would you measure success of these things, the winner, the conclusion, TV ratings, attendance by the players? What would you look at most?
ADAM SCOTT: I think attendance by the players and TV ratings. You know, there's no way of saying it favors any player. If you play well, you've got a chance to win, I guess. But it's been done for TV as far as I know in the big picture. We tried not to go against football and have our own season-long race, finishing up at East Lake and these four events to lift TV ratings and keep golf in the forefront of everyone's mind.

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