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August 25, 2007

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE: Funny story, I had dinner at a lady's house last night who is volunteering at the tournament and she had four hole in ones, as she told me last night and she said, I've had four, too, so I'll race you to the next one. I didn't play very fair there and did it the next day which is a funny anecdote to the hole this one

Q. She wasn't playing this morning, was she?

Q. She's a member here?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, not here.

Q. What's her name?

Q. What club did you use?
JUSTIN ROSE: 9-iron, 139 yards I think it was. Just a 9-iron trying to take some spin off the shot and, yeah, I actually caught it as it landed. It hopped just behind the hole and I shouted it in and it did. It's one of the few balls that's ever listened to me.

Q. What's your take on how this golf course is playing compared to years past? Is it noticeably easier?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm not finding it easy at all. I'm finding it hard work. I'm giving myself a lot of birdie opportunities but I'm struggling to make putts out there. That's obviously frustrating when you know the guys are shooting fairly low.
And today was pretty tricky, there was a little breeze up. I'm not sure whether some of the flag placements were a little easier than normal because some of the areas on the front of the greens are slightly burned and that way they can't quite have the traditional pin placements.
Overall the scoring is better than expected.

Q. So what's a 62 like out here?
JUSTIN ROSE: That's a great round of golf. I mean, it's never a bad round of golf. To be honest, I didn't find it that easy out there today and 62 is a great round and I can't see it going in on the green. When you can't read a putt -- I don't know, that's when a score like that seems out of the question. But obviously he found his putting touch which was good.
It certainly wasn't easy out there, it was quite a humid and muggy day.

Q. More than Tulsa?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, nothing worse. This is nothing. Actually, out there today, you could still be hit by a cool breeze and the breeze hits you and you think, that's refreshing. Tulsa was like a hair dryer.

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