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August 23, 2007

Ivo Karlovic


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Nice short day for you.
IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah. It was easy day.

Q. Can you talk about -- Mardy Fish was saying the way you play is a kind of like that, you have a lot of long sets and kind of wear guys out. Was that your plan coming into the quarterfinal?
IVO KARLOVIC: No. My plan was to everything be easy like 6-1, 6-1. But I don't know, didn't happen this time.

Q. You've had a lot of success against Mardy Fish who you'll be playing in the semis. You've never lost to him. Beat him four times. He talked about one match in particular where you beat him 7-6, 7-6, 7-6.
IVO KARLOVIC: Australian Open.

Q. No breaks. And he said you put the pressure on opponents to hold their serve because yours is so tough to break. Has that just always been the case with your game? People talk about your serve. Has your overall game improved as well?
IVO KARLOVIC: Well, last year I was playing a lot less tiebreakers, so I believe that my overall performance has improved a little bit. But against Mardy, I think that now he's in the better shape than he was when I beat him. So it is going to be a difficult match for sure.

Q. Can you talk about the last tiebreak, and are you confident when you get into a tiebreak that that's kind of where you like to dominate?
IVO KARLOVIC: I mean, I should be, even though in the last three tournaments I have a lost 7-6, 7-6. It was against Andy Roddick in Washington, against Roger in Montreal, and also against Melzer in Cincinnati. So I cannot say that I'm really confident.
But, you know, in tiebreakers anything can happen, so yeah, it is difficult for sure.

Q. The final tiebreak you dominated. What changed at that point in the game where you were actually dominating right from the start to the finish in the last tiebreaker?
IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, also because I lost in the last three tournaments like this, I told myself that I cannot lose two tiebreaks in a row. So I was just more aggressive and I was playing well.

Q. What's the fastest your serve has been clocked at that you know?
IVO KARLOVIC: It was 153 miles. Is the second fastest ever.

Q. What was the highest? Do you know?
IVO KARLOVIC: It was Andy Roddick, 155.
Q. In the second set you and Andreev had some words at one point. What were you talking about?
IVO KARLOVIC: I don't know. It is tight match and then adrenaline is high, so when something that he do, like normally it would not affect me, but I was a little hot so it was out of control a little bit.
But, I mean, we see each other almost every week, so we need to stay friendly.

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