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August 23, 2007

Adam Scott


Q. Just comment on your round a little bit, 3-under today.
ADAM SCOTT: 4-under, actually. But no, I got off to a good start. I was hitting a lot of good shots my first ten or 12 holes and then missed a couple greens coming in and managed to save most of them but you know, really pretty solid golf.

Q. On the third hole, you hit a great pitch shot in there after you came up a little short. Talk about the trouble on that hole and then just saving the par.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I blocked my tee shot right and that's probably the only place you can't miss it. I hit a pretty good punch to get it on to the level of the green but 40 yards short, and I hit a nice pitch shot in and fortunately the greens are nice and soft and hit it right next to the hole.

Q. Are you in Playoff mode at all or just thinking about the tournament?
ADAM SCOTT: I think you've just got to take it one event at a time. Unfortunately I don't really have to think about not playing next week because I know I'm going to. I'm not in that kind of mode, but it's a good opportunity for me to get some points up early and possibly pick up some ground on the favorite.

Q. Going through the major season, disappointing for you; do you feel reenergized now?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think it's kind of a last burst to the year. Even though the majors are gone, it's a good chance to really, you know, get hot for four weeks and play a lot of good golf, a lot of reward for it, as well.

Q. How is the course playing? This tournament is usually in June; is playing now any different?
ADAM SCOTT: Wet. Every time I've been here unfortunately it's been wet. So the greens are very soft and you've got 6-irons backing up out there. It makes it tough to get to the back pins, and they have put a few back there I think to make the course a bit tougher and hope it's going to dry out the next few days.

Q. Were the greens tough to read out there? Can you judge the speed?
ADAM SCOTT: Not so much speed, but I just find these greens quite tough, some subtle breaks and they move around a lot. So it's really tough to see a clear line and sometimes you've kind of got to go with feel.

Q. Looking down the road at Winged Foot, how do you think the two courses compare?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, they are similar in some ways, but Winged Foot is a lot longer and a much bigger golf course than this one. Although this has a lot more elevation change to it.
So, you know, Winged Foot is one of my favorite golf courses, but this is one of the best courses we play on TOUR, as well.

Q. With you being in a position to make a run at the guy that's in the lead with the FedExCup points and your success at Deutsche Bank next week, talk about your feeling with your capability to get hot in the next couple of weeks?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I was thinking about it the other day, in June last year, I had four top fives together and was playing really well, and that kind of run would be nice right now.
But you know, Boston is a new setup next week, too, so I'm looking forward to getting there. But first have to get three more good rounds in here.

Q. You know what your seeding is; right?
ADAM SCOTT: Seeding?

Q. Your ranking.

Q. Did you know during the year what your ranking was or only coming into this week?
ADAM SCOTT: Coming into this week, I knew I was kind of around 10th all year really. There was no difference being fifth or 15th or 20th, as long as you're up there, it's good. I knew it was going to get condensed or seeded, squeezed together.

Q. Have you given any thought, you're definitely playing all four?

Q. And Presidents Cup on the back end?

Q. Have you given much thought that the quality of play or the energy level is going to be there after four weeks of this?
ADAM SCOTT: Hopefully a week off is good enough. But I don't know, I think you know, Presidents Cup or Ryder Cup, that kind of an event has the ability to get you going even if you're not really wanting to be there, you know.

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