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August 19, 2007

Paula Creamer


THE MODERATOR: Paula, congratulations, a runner-up finish at the CN Canadian Women's Open. It's your ninth Top 10 of the year. You just crossed the $1 million mark in season earnings for the third year. You've been on Tour for three years and you've done it every year, so congratulations.
THE MODERATOR: Your runner-up finish also puts you in first place for the Solheim Cup team, which will be announced after next week's event. A lot of excitement for you right now, and you're also the only player in the field to card all four rounds in the 60s. Congratulations.
THE MODERATOR: Kind of talk about everything that you've accomplished today. It was a great tournament.
PAULA CREAMER: It was. I think the fans out there, that goes a lot of credit. The whole day, really cheering me on. Lorena, when she gets on a streak, she can really go.
But it was great to be able to play on Sunday in contention. It feels good. You know, I played good, so I keep saying it's a learning experience out there for me. Two unfortunate bogeys, little putts, but other than that, I think I did an okay job of hanging in there and trying to put some pressure on her.
THE MODERATOR: Can we go over your scorecard quick?
PAULA CREAMER: No. 2 birdie, 3-wood, and then I had 94 yards, a little 54-degree wedge to a foot.
No. 3, birdie, 3 rescue off the tee, then I laid up with a 5-iron to within about 125 yards, a little 9 to 15 feet.
No. 8, bogey, I hit a great shot, a 5-iron, to about 18 feet and hit it maybe two feet past the hole and missed an easy two-footer.
No. 9, I hit my drive pretty far left, almost went in the bunker, and then I hit a 4-iron actually to about two feet on that for birdie.
Birdie on 11, 4 rescue, about 195, to about 20 feet.
No. 14, bogey, I went driver, and then I laid up with my 5-iron to about -- it was 95 yards, which is a yardage that is very difficult for me because my 54-degree wedge doesn't go that far, and my wedge goes -- I have a gap in there. And I hit a little pitching wedge too much, 25, 30 feet past the hole, and I missed about a two-and-a-half-, three-footer.
And then birdie on 17, which was nice. Driver, 4-iron from about 185, and I made about a 45-footer kind of up the hill.

Q. Second place in this tournament was worth more than first place in a lot of tournaments. As you started off, were you thinking that second place was like a first place when you started the day?
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, no, I was out here to win today. You know, second place didn't enter my mind until that last putt dropped. But it's a great purse, it's a big tournament, I think the biggest purse that we have now -- I mean of what's left in the season.
I knew I needed to play good. But it is, it's fantastic that you can have an event like that that is worth second place more than a first place.

Q. Twice you got within two shots. What were you feeling at both those points, and then after 5, after you got it to within two and you both hit it within three feet?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, that was probably one of the key putts of the day. If I would have made that, you never know what would have happened, but it definitely would have been some different change of emotions. You know, it's unfortunate, bad read maybe, I'm not sure. The greens are very bumpy in the afternoon so you can't really control that. But that was, that was a big kind of a swing just emotionally.

Q. Even though you got to within two a couple times, did you ever see in your opponent maybe that she could be beaten?

Q. Did you see that she was a leader that you could catch and beat today?
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, of course, after No. 1 and then No. 2, I make birdie there. It's hard to go into a tournament and don't think that you have a chance to win. That's not very good for your confidence.
Lorena, she's a great player, No. 1 player in the world, and she's won many, many times this year. But at the same time, you can't focus on that. You have to focus on your own game and go out there, and that's what I tried to do.

Q. You've made reference to the crowd. Can you compare this tournament to other tournaments?
PAULA CREAMER: This would be like equivalent crowd-wise to a U.S. Open. There was a lot of people out there today, this whole week, Lorena said it in the closing ceremonies. Monday I had 25 people following me at 7:00 o'clock at night. I don't think I've ever had that before. And to have that, to come to an event where it's so focused on this event, I think it's phenomenal. I wish some of our other tournaments were like that. But that's what makes it special and fun to be able to come here.

Q. How did the weather affect your game at all this week? Has it changed during the weekend?
PAULA CREAMER: It has. The beginning of the round today we were adding four or five yards because it was cold, and then at the end of the day it got warm and it just affected the ball a lot. You had to be very aware of certain things. But you know, it's nice to be able to come out and have the different conditions instead of the same every day, plays different, plays harder, please easier. It's just not the same, and you kind of want that, a challenge.

Q. The other time you got within two, you made the long birdie on 11, and again, like you were both in motion, and it looked like you thought yours was going in and I saw you roll your eyes?
PAULA CREAMER: Well, yeah, I lipped out from 15 feet, and she hit it to about four feet, three feet. So I knew I had to make that putt.
And then the next hole had another great opportunity for birdie, hit that one to 15 feet, as well. All day long just kept giving myself chances and none of them really fell except for the long one on 17 and the great birdie on 11; 15, 20 feet. Those putts, they're unfortunate, and that's what the difference is.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, exactly. I mean, that's kind of what it was like yesterday, too. I mean, I can't tell you how many 10- to 20-footers that I've had, and I don't think I've made many of those, and that's what the difference was.

Q. You were in the 60s all four times, a lot of low scores in the tournament, a lot of golfers under par. Did the golf course lose its magic?
PAULA CREAMER: No, definitely not. This golf course was fun to play. It was a good test of golf. You know, the cut was +3. I mean, it's a good golf course. There was a pretty big gap from where she was and then to third or fourth place. But I would love to come back here. I mean, it would be a lot of fun.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you all very much for coming in. Again, congratulations on your runner-up finish.

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