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August 19, 2007

A.J. Eathorne


A.J. EATHORNE: It was a bad day, but it's better to have a bad day on Sunday than have the whole weekend off. I'm just happy to be done. Unfortunately didn't play the way I wanted to. My putter needs a stern talking-to. I've tried everything. I think I might try left-handed -- just kidding.
I'm just going to have fun, just keep going and hitting it well.

Q. Started out well with a birdie on 3.
A.J. EATHORNE: Yeah, I've been hitting it good. I just for some reason fell apart for three or four holes there and went to tap it in on 18 -- 9, and just brain dead or something, missed the cup and had a double, and it was just too hard to come back. I don't know really what happened.

Q. Do you feel you lost a bit of an edge then after that?
A.J. EATHORNE: Yeah, I think I started feeling a little bit of an edge, just a couple bogeys in a row gets you down. You really want to get a good charge going, and who knows. I think the inner body got a little hot, and I couldn't cool down enough.

Q. Is it difficult on these greens, though, to get anything going? They just seem to be beating the players down.
A.J. EATHORNE: They're very tough greens, and they're putting some pins in places where they're on mounds. They're tough putting out there, and I think everyone is having trouble -- well, everyone except Lorena. She never has trouble.
Yeah, it's a great golf course and it's a tough challenge.

Q. Do you feel like they're trying to figure out a way to challenge Lorena on the greens?
A.J. EATHORNE: I don't know, it's hard to get her challenged, she hits the ball so close. It's just a good test of golf out here.

Q. How do you finish off your day now? What do you do now?
A.J. EATHORNE: I just have lunch and relax. A bunch of us are on a flight at 6:00 and we head to Portland and get ready for the next week.

Q. Will it be nice to come watch Alena, see how your --
A.J. EATHORNE: Yeah, we'll see if she can bring it home. Obviously she's not for another couple hours, so I can relax and go shower and maybe pop on a couch somewhere and watch her where it's warmer.

Q. Final thoughts on the Open here, how Edmonton --
A.J. EATHORNE: Edmonton did a great job. CN put on a great event, and I hope for the Stollery situation, I hope everyone is doing their Miracle Match and putting their money in. Again, CN has done a wonderful job putting it on, and Edmonton was a great host because you couldn't find better people than out here.

Q. Do you think they could do anything better?
A.J. EATHORNE: Make my ball closer to the hole, I don't know. Make the cups bigger.
No, they've done a great job. Maybe a little warmer, but we know we can't control that. We always have fun up here in Canada, and I've heard nothing but great things.

Q. On a positive note, you owned the third hole.
A.J. EATHORNE: I liked the third hole. I don't know why, I liked cutting over the corner and I got it going. It's my kind of thing, I like hitting over stuff. Hitting over trees or hitting through trees, I guess that's sort of my thing.

Q. Do you know what your average drive was there?
A.J. EATHORNE: Not really, no. On the average I had -- I went for it a couple days and just laid up today, but obviously it was a good plan either way.

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