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August 18, 2007

Zi Yan


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You played very well against Justine. The rallies were really long and a lot of her points were off of your unforced errors. Even though you had the game in control at many times, did that get frustrating? Or did you keep a cool mind even after the unforced errors?
ZI YAN: (Smiling). I don't understand your question. Speak little bit slow and short.

Q. Sure. I wanted to know if you were frustrated for getting the ball out a lot. You had the game in control, but you got balls out. Did that get frustrating at all? Were you mad?
ZI YAN: Because she always control the ball, then she changed the rhythm - sometimes slice, sometimes top spin. And I cannot hit ball in the middle. Always follow her.
Then she running so fast, so I always want hit faster. Then it's too much pressure for me.

Q. Did you feel support from the crowd today? From the fans, did you feel support?
ZI YAN: Yeah, yeah, very, very, very good (smiling).

Q. Do you plan to play regularly in singles now in addition to the doubles on the tour right now since your performance this week was very good?
ZI YAN: Yeah, I think both is important for me. But before, I only played doubles, and now my singles ranking is more higher.
I think I can play much more tournaments in singles.

Q. Are you going to play in singles at the US Open, for example?
ZI YAN: Yes, actually I play next week, Tuesday, the singles quallies already start, so I play quallies in US Open.

Q. What changed at 3-3 in the first set? What changed at that point in the game for you and for Justine? What happened so she was more dominant?
ZI YAN: Because first set maybe she don't know how me play, so I hit many good shot. And some balls maybe so short she cannot come in. But after first set, I think she's knows how I play. So sometimes she's coming more faster and coming to the net. Giving me more pressure.

Q. You had problems with a bee during your service? Was that it?
ZI YAN: Yeah, he always follow me. I don't know how to play (laughing).

Q. Coming back to last year -- you were playing more doubles than singles. Was it because your federation asked you to concentrate on doubles or was it your own decision?
ZI YAN: No, because my singles last year play not so good. So many tournaments first round I lost. So rankings dropped down. Then sometimes I played doubles very good. End of the week -- the next tournament tournaments Quallies already start, so I cannot catch the Quallies.

Q. How has this week been for you in Toronto?
ZI YAN: Yes, very, very nice week. And I have a lot experience in the tournament. Very nice to stay in Toronto.

Q. And to play Ana, defeat Ana and to play Justine in a semifinal, Tier 1 event, what's it mean to you?
ZI YAN: I think I have more confidence, yeah.

Q. Sorry, what was it like today to step on the court against the world No. 1? You seemed relaxed, fairly relaxed to play the world's top ranked player?
ZI YAN: Yeah, I think I'm very relaxed. But she played so well, so I don't have chance today.

Q. What is your goal for the long-term in singles?
ZI YAN: Huh?

Q. Like instead of ranking in a year, what would you like to be your ranking in singles?
ZI YAN: I don't know. I just want step by step. Maybe one step up or something is good for me. I don't want to think too much.

Q. What do you have to work on right now to make sure that you're better and better at each game? Is there one thing that you have to work on?
ZI YAN: Yeah, I think I need to work on in the match, I need to change something. Not every ball is hitting, hitting. Because it always like same, the big player they always know you so quick, then they can change. Then you always can only follow them.

Q. So it's more mental than physical?
ZI YAN: Yes.

Q. Are you going to play many tournaments till the end of the year?
ZI YAN: Yeah, I think so. Because after US Open I have Beijing and Guangzhou in China, and maybe some Asia tournaments.

Q. In the fourth game you took control of the game by coming into the net. It looked like you had many opportunities later in the set where you controlled the point, but you chose not to come into the net. Why was that?
ZI YAN: Because I think she hitting balls very well, so I'm scared to come into the net. Because she always hits the line, to line so far. So I think maybe stay baseline is good. But I think no, I think maybe going to the net is better.

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