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August 18, 2007

Jason Gore


Q. Let's talk a little bit about today's round. Basically you're in position but you still got to go pretty low.
JASON GORE: Yeah. The golf course is pretty susceptible to good scoring right now. The greens are rather soft and not as fast because of the heat and can't get them any better than they are right now but, you know, made a couple mistakes out there, missed a one-footer. Brain damage. And then actually even lined it up and just hit it too hard but turned around and eagled the next hole and 3-putted 17.
I had my opportunities. Guys are playing pretty good out there in front of me and got to go get them.

Q. Everybody keeps talking about the par-5s and the fact they're pretty much reachable. It's almost playing like a par 68 6. Do you agree with that?
JASON GORE: Yeah, with the good conditions, it's hot, the ball is going a long way. Everybody hits it so far now. They technically are. There's still some risk/reward involved with them.
There's still some pin placements they have on these greens that -- I hit a 3-footer on 13 today and it broke outside the cup so you know you still got to pay attention to them.

Q. Speed the hardest thing on these greens as far as judging it, because it seems like sometimes they're slow and sometimes you can blow it right through the cup?
JASON GORE: Couple of them are. Now it's starting to cool down, they sped them up a little bit easier, at least dried them out. I had about a 15-footer to the right of the hole on 17 and ran it five feet by. It kind of shocked me.
It will be better tomorrow.

Q. Talk about 15 one second.
JASON GORE: I hit a pretty good drive down the left side and hit 4-iron from 243, I think I had, and hit a great shot. Little bit downwind and it went a long way. I hit it perfect.

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