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August 18, 2007

Craig Kanada


Q. Take us through it.
CRAIG KANADA: Been leaving it a little bit right most of the time. 16 was straight up the hill and I tried to get it elevated a little bit with the drive and came out of it a hair and I leaked out to the right and looked like it was going to hit the cart path but I guess it hit a tree and kicked it dead right and out of bounds by just a few, couple -- maybe just a foot, I guess, but I didn't go over there.
Then I overcorrected it and hit it in the rough and bogeyed from there. Made triple-bogey.

Q. Can you still, tomorrow you have to shoot a number but is that -- I mean just got to do it. I guess it's better than not -- being out of it totally?
CRAIG KANADA: Overall a great day. One hole. Really I guess maybe 17 and 12, but, you know, I made a lot of good shots and hit a lot of good putts. Made a lot of birdies.
If I keep making birdies and don't make the mistakes, tomorrow, who knows, might have a chance.

Q. One of those things where you go to bed tonight and think about all the good things and try to block out 16, 17?
CRAIG KANADA: I've been doing this way too long. There's going to be times like that. I've had a lot of good breaks this week. Not to say I was overdue to have a bad one or not, but still you kind of expect things not to go perfectly well all week and hopefully things will go my way tomorrow.

Q. Craig, obviously this has been your career year. What's been the biggest thing for you as opposed to different years when you were on the Nationwide and all that, what's -- what has it been overall?
CRAIG KANADA: Overall more comfortable. Really understand what I'm trying to do as far as my game and trying to enjoy it more.
Before I tried too hard, I put too much pressures on myself and I got overcome by the situations a lot and being out here it's just a lot of fun and really a lot of fun and enjoyment. It's been great.

Q. I guess you're an expert on the Nationwide Tour. Unfortunately you've been there quite a number of years.
CRAIG KANADA: Eight years. Actually winning twice there last year helped a lot going into this year as far as knowing that my game is probably good enough to do it out here and it has proven that to be the case and you see it happen every year with the Nationwide Tour, every year the top guys do well out here and so that gave me a lot of encouragement for this year as well and helped me settle down and be more comfortable.

Q. Can you talk about pressure, you put too much pressure on yourself in years past. What would today's round, specifically that two hole stretch, what would that have done to you and what is it not doing to you today?
CRAIG KANADA: Before I would have felt like the world just came to an end but like I just got the worse break in the world and really, it's really not that bad of a deal, you know, just a round of golf and life goes on, and I got three wonderful kids and a nice wife, you know, obviously, and yeah, lot of family here and they're all here having fun as well.
We're having a great time and this whole year has just been a fun year for me and if I can just -- if I have a good round tomorrow I'll pretty much secure my card for next year. That's really the main thing.

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