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August 18, 2007

A.J. Eathorne


Q. How did it go today?
A.J. EATHORNE: Today was another frustrating day. I played well, and I just didn't quite make the putts, I guess. 1-over is just okay out here. You know, the birdies are out there, and it's in great shape, and I just feel like I can do so much more out there.

Q. Where would you say that you -- not so much lost it, but where would you say you weren't getting into the groove on the course?
A.J. EATHORNE: Well, right at the beginning I wasn't making the putts that I normally would make, and that's the name of the game. You get a few putts rolling early in the round, and from there you just start flowing. I hit the ball well, hit it solid all day, so hopefully it clicks for tomorrow or even the next few weeks.

Q. Are the conditions there to get some good scores out there?
A.J. EATHORNE: Definitely. The pins were a bit tougher today. There's a few tucked pins that you can't really go for. I did kind of slip up and had a three-putt, but for the most part the greens are in good shape, they're rolling at good speeds. The course is in great shape, even after all that rain and hail we had last night.

Q. You were one of the first to tee off --
A.J. EATHORNE: It was a bit quick this morning, but other than that, no, I think it's a blessing to go early. You get fresh greens and nobody has stepped in your lines and no spike marks or anything like that. I don't mind going out, and I'd rather play than be laying in bed still.

Q. Just a quick thought here on the camaraderie of the Canadian girls.
A.J. EATHORNE: Oh, it's great. Nancy and I saw each other last night when we knew we finally made it. It's huge, Nancy said this might be her last event, and I kind of got chills when she said that. I'm like, "I'm so proud of you." Dawn came out and watched a couple holes today.
The Canadians really cheer for one another, and that's just the kind of people we are. We love each other, and we cheer for each other but we also want to beat each other.

Q. This is a world Tour, though, you have the best players from all over the world?
A.J. EATHORNE: Yeah, we do, and it's hard to put that many women together all at once and get them -- for the most part get along, but we do pretty well, and we have our moments and we have our hot spots, but we do good. We do well.

Q. Tough night last night waiting out the cut line?
A.J. EATHORNE: It was, yeah. It was really nerve-wracking. I didn't really want to look at it but I knew my parents were looking at it and hemming and hawing and saying, I can't believe this, it's ridiculous, and that's all I could hear. I didn't look at it, but I heard the comments and kind of broke through to 70 when I finally did, so I just prayed that it would stay there, and it did, and we got lucky. That's my good break for the week.

Q. We're seeing some wild swings in the scores. Mhairi is 6-under right now.
A.J. EATHORNE: Yeah, Mhairi is out there and playing great. Like I said. The greens are in great condition. You get your putter rolling and that's what the name of the game is out here. The winds aren't blowing today, so that's great, and the scores are to be had out there, and I think even you'll see the later groups play well.

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