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August 18, 2007

Joey Sindelar


Q. 1985 when you won. How much did you weigh?
JOEY SINDELAR: I weighed less.

Q. Three guys counting you that are here this week that made the cut then.

Q. Two guys are announcers.
JOEY SINDELAR: Son of a gun. Bobby, of course. Oosterhuis. Sure. Sure. Yeah. You know, that is the fun part looking back and the longevity means a lot. Of course, winning Majors and more tournaments it's always -- the number one reason we're out here but, to be able to have stayed out here this long and especially these events that are the same golf course time after time, it's fun stuff.

Q. Do you think much about the FedExCup? I think you have to finish 3rd.
JOEY SINDELAR: I figured 4th or 3rd. I'd love to. The reason is not even because of the FedExCup. Actually for me it's three of my very favorite tournaments got brought back, Westchester, I just love and Boston and Chicago, I would always play them and so I'm about to miss three of my incredible favorites and that's distressing to me.
You know, I didn't get off to a good start. It's been a weird year. You know what? We had to do the FedEx. We needed to see it. It was an appropriate ending available to us. Nobody is going to know until a month from now.
I think it's a good experience.

Q. So you feel pretty good about it.
JOEY SINDELAR: I do. I miss it but it happens. It's tough when you haven't done what you set out to do. I can't blame that on anybody else, even though I look around hard. What the heck? Maybe tomorrow I'll shoot a 63 or shoot a 63 and still get to go to it.

Q. How much will you play? Will you play in the fall series?
JOEY SINDELAR: This year, oh, yes, for sure. I would love to try to get some eligibility for next year because I do have three months to burn before I go, so I would probably play -- I'm going to play four, five, most of them, approximately.
Very good. That's what you're paid for. You pay with peanuts, you get monkeys.
There's so many good ones. As you know, I've always been a second half guy.

Q. So you're looking forward to the Champions Tour?
JOEY SINDELAR: Very much. It's an incredible tug of war, you know. When you lose here, you know, you're leaving the best place in the world to do this and you're not coming back. That's not fun.
On the other hand, playing golf without a Friday cut hanging over your head seems like an enormously good thing.
You know, it's been wild all year not knowing for sure because I look forward to win a tournament I might play a few. You know, in all likelihood this is the last time I'll see these places and that's a bad thing. It's weird. It's very weird stuff.

Q. Yes, I can imagine. I haven't even thought about stuff like that. I guess it is kind of strange.
JOEY SINDELAR: Yeah. Yeah. Last shot at Harbor Town. Like I teased The Hartford people the last time I had to play No. 10 at Hartford. Hard holes, easy holes, seeing the people. It's fun. It's fun to bring back all that stuff.

Q. You've got to feel pretty good about this week.
JOEY SINDELAR: I do. I'm very happy especially, with two weeks off. Normally with two weeks off I'm fairly worthless.
This was also a good experiment to know some of the things I'm trying to do these days still work. I'm very pleased.

Q. Good for you. Thank you very much.
JOEY SINDELAR: Nice to see you.

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