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August 17, 2007

Zi Yan


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on your win earlier today. I was just wondering first of all, what were the coaches or what was your coach telling you after the first set?
ZI YAN: He just told me keep going. Play very well. So just make her move.

Q. Yeah, like I noticed she wasn't running very well. Was that part of your tactic or were you trying to drive her into corners, maybe her backhand or forehand or did you just play with a general idea of what you wanted to do?
ZI YAN: I just tried to move her around little bit. Because if she stay there, she play ball very hard and flat. So maybe if she move, then not so comfortable. So I just try to move her.

Q. Also on a different topic. You have a great record in doubles, two Grand Slams back in 2006. Are you hoping to continue focusing on doubles or are you trying to alter your focus on to singles right now?
ZI YAN: I think if I play good in singles, I also can play good in doubles. Because singles is full court, doubles only half court, so I think -- I want to play both. I want.

Q. You want to continue both?
ZI YAN: Yes.

Q. Did you know Bartoli was feeling a little ill? Could you tell?
ZI YAN: Before match, I don't know. I would think she back not so good, because yesterday she called trainer. But I don't know if she's --

Q. You couldn't tell like after the first set that maybe she was sick, because she said that she has a virus. I was just wondering, could you tell during the match if she was getting sick or anything like that, or slower?
ZI YAN: No, no. Because I think she's back not so good, maybe move not so well. But I don't know she's sick.

Q. Have you ever had a week like this?
ZI YAN: Huh?

Q. Have you ever had a week like this in singles?
ZI YAN: Yeah, only one time in the Tier 3 tournament. But at that time I play main draw, so I only play five match. But this time I played Quallies, two match, already six matches.

Q. When organizers asked you to qualify for the tournament, did you even think that you had a chance of making the semifinals? Or were you even thinking I might not even qualify for the main draw?
ZI YAN: No, I doesn't think this far. In the qualifier, because first the Qually draw is out. I'm not in. I was here at Saturday morning. 9:35 they tell me I get in. I played first match.
So I just go on the court, no warm-up, just play (laughing). Then I win the match. Then the second day I was play third set tiebreak. Yeah, I don't think I'm going to play this far. I just think I was getting in main draw is good.

Q. So you're here to compete in the doubles regardless?
ZI YAN: Huh?

Q. Were you here to compete in doubles?
ZI YAN: Yes, well, we lost today.

Q. But if you didn't get into the singles draw, you were going to just do doubles, that was the plan?
ZI YAN: Yes, yes.

Q. Are you nervous about facing Justine tomorrow, the world's No. 1 player?
ZI YAN: No nervous, because she is so good (laughing). I just play my best.

Q. What would mean more to you - winning a single's title here on tour or playing in China in the Olympics?
ZI YAN: I think both is important. For the professional player, I think in the tour the champion is very important because they can get more points in the ranking high. But Olympic is, for Chinese people, is very important. So I think it's good to have two, both (smiling).

Q. Are you excited about next summer?
ZI YAN: Yeah.

Q. What would be your game plan for tomorrow either against Henin or Petrova, depending?
ZI YAN: I think they both is very, very good player (smiling), so I just play my tennis. Don't think too much.

Q. What would be your favorite surface to play on? Because you have a very fast --
ZI YAN: Maybe hard court, because we always practicing hard court. But also grass and clay, not so bad for me.

Q. Also, you were amazing at the net. Do you have doubles to thank for that, all of your practice in doubles, because your volleys and your smashes are just great?
ZI YAN: Yeah, my volleys is getting better because the doubles. Because doubles I always stay in the net, so when I play doubles, I feel net point is very important. Then I try to practice a lot. Then so in singles also can use a little bit.

Q. In your bio, it lists that you enjoyed Jimmy Connors' sense of humor. What about Jimmy Connors and his sense of humor do you enjoy so much?
ZI YAN: Because he always fighting on the court. And if look him play, it was very, like have power, you know. And sometimes he's finding the court. Make all the people relax.

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