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August 17, 2007

Lorie Kane


Q. This is a pretty important tournament to you.
LORIE KANE: Extremely important, and extremely disappointing. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is definitely a 10. It sucks. I don't know how else to say it.

Q. Would that go for the fact that there might be only one Canadian making it?
LORIE KANE: Well, that's disappointing if that's the case. You know, there are expectations we place on ourselves as Canadians to come here and play the best that we can, and when it doesn't work out, it's really disappointing for each of us.
You know, I've been working extremely hard at everything, and I just have to keep my head down and keep grinding and make it until the end of the season and then look forward to next.

Q. You were extremely confident yesterday that you were going to be able to fix some of the hiccups in your game and make a charge. What happened?
LORIE KANE: I didn't make any putts. None. In fact, when you don't make a birdie in 36 holes, it just -- you know, it compounds. This game is a game of momentum, and I hit the ball very well. Karrie shot 64 today, and I thought with the exception of a couple of tee balls, I was as good as you could get. Off the tee I played well, into the greens. Karrie hit it definitely a lot closer but made the putts that you needed to make to get the round going.
She joked with me on 7 and 8, she said, "Would you knock one in?"
As competitors, we're out there to do the best, but it's also nice when you play with someone like Webbie and Meg, as well. They're encouraging.
You know, yesterday I felt really good, too, and I know that this won't sit very well and I'll get back at it tomorrow and figure out what I can do to be better prepared for next week.

Q. Where do you see the state of women's golf in Canada? Are they gaining ground, losing ground?
LORIE KANE: You know what, I think we're kind of stalled. I know that there seems to be a lot of kids playing collegiate golf, but they're not -- they don't seem to be breaking any records, and I don't know why that is. There's nothing wrong with kids just going to school, getting an education and playing some golf at the same time. I think that's great if you want to do that. And if professional ranks aren't the way it turns out, then so be it, as well.
But I guess golf is always based on what's happening in the professional ranks, and then they look to the bottom ranks. You know, I think there can be more done, there can be more programs for those kids that show potential right across the country, not just in the bigger provinces that seem to have access to a little bit more, but right across the country.
And now with our new executive director with the RCGA, maybe he'll come in with a good business plan to get that in action.

Q. Considering that you're wearing the CN on your hat, does that make it even --
LORIE KANE: You know what, I couldn't be with a group of better people, from their chairman of the board that I played with this week to Hunter Harrison, their CEO, to Stan Jablonski, the whole team of people that put this tournament together for us, obviously with the support of the RCGA. But strictly speaking, CN, they want me to come here and play the best that I can play, and I represent them, and I'm very proud to represent them, and there's no added pressure at all. The pressure is my own.
I don't like to come and shoot whatever I shot today. I don't like to play 36 holes without a birdie, and I definitely don't like to do it when I'm at home.
You know, I've been very successful in the 10 or 11 years I've been on Tour, but to win a Canadian Open would be the ultimate dream. When I come back next year to Ottawa I will challenge to try to win it again.

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